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How to Pick Patio Furniture

Not everyone is blessed enough to have a patio where they can enjoy the sun, and not using it to the full extent is practically blasphemous. Think about it, who doesn’t enjoy spending time outside; especially during a sunny day? Naturally, you won’t be able to fully relax and unwind on your patio without the appropriate furniture, and equipping it will take some time and research. First of all, you should be aiming at both comfort and functionality. Large tables and sofas are the name of the game here; you are absolutely free to go wild in this department. We’ve rounded up some tips that will hopefully help you get the patio furniture of your dreams.

How to Pick Patio Furniture

Outline the General Idea

The first thing you’ll need to ask yourself is what will be the general idea of your patio: do you want it to function as an outdoor dining room, or rather use it for hosting parties and gatherings? If you want it to fit every occasion, you will have to be extra smart with the available space.

How to Pick Patio Furniture

Get the Measurements

Even if your patio is quite spacious, you still need to measure it properly. Although the constraints here aren’t as harsh as those in your living room, they are still here. In fact, if you can spare some time, you should consider coming up with a two-dimensional overhead patio model.

Always Make a List…

This goes for anything you’re planning to do, not just this project! Now that you’ve decided what the general idea behind your patio function will be and hopefully gathered all the necessary measurements, it’s time to make a list of items that you’ll need. It is very important that you stick to bare necessities on this list – you can rest assured that many trivial items will pop up during the next step.

How to Pick Patio Furniture

Window Shopping

Now comes the fun part – window shopping. Okay, hopefully you didn’t think about actually going to the furniture store straight away – no reason to do this, when you have the Internet at your disposal! Instead of visiting your local store, do a bit of research. For example, a garden table can vary in prices depending on the vendor. That’s why window shopping comes in handy. It allows you to see various furniture, and find out more about the prices.

How to Pick Patio Furniture


Once you’ve finally narrowed down the choice of your desired items, go visit the store(s) in question – you should definitely give every piece of furniture a test run. Don’t hesitate to sit on a piece of furniture for at least 15 minutes – in order to assess every chair carefully, you’ll need to spend some time on it.

How to Pick Patio Furniture


Now, even if you’ve found a perfectly comfortable piece of furniture that looks gorgeous, you might still have to make compromises. Regardless of how cool an armchair looks like, it will have to fit your target colour scheme; unless you want your patio to look like Willy Wonka’s place of residence, that is. Matching your furniture with natural colours is the best way to go – think green and brown and always opt for furniture made of wood. Finally, different shades of the same colour are always a better choice than a bunch of different ones.

Although comfort is of utmost importance when it comes to patio furniture, the outlook plays a key role here – after all, your patio is a representation of your home.