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How to Travel on a Budget

Everyone wants to travel more and experience more, but somehow long vacations and exotic destinations are rarely in budget. However, travel doesn’t have to be (that) expensive. With a little bit of planning and cutting a few corners, everyone can afford a few exciting or relaxing vacations. The key is not to get upset about smaller inconveniences and to enjoy being on the road. Here’s a few tips on how to travel on a budget.

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Plan in advance

This may seem like a pretty basic advice, but planning in advance will help you save money on almost all travel expenses. Plane and train tickets are cheaper when booked in advance, as are hotels and motels. Booking sightseeing tours in advance will not only save you money but also saves you from waiting in long lines filled with nervous tourists. There are numerous online services designed to help you browse flight options far ahead of schedule and book them right away. Use these and don’t be afraid of booking connecting flights. They’re kind of tiresome, but they also cost much less than direct ones.

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Travel off season

Everything is much less expensive if you travel during the fall or spring. If the hotels or lodges don’t clearly indicate that they offer bookings during this period – it doesn’t hurt to simply ask for it. They would probably like to earn some extra money while the business is slow and you could even make a good deal. The only downside is that weather probably won’t be as kind as you might like, but this could be a good thing as well. Travelling off season will give you a chance to experience your destination in a way that the locals do, away from all the tourist commotion.

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Camping by yourself eliminates all the costs of getting a room and dining out. It’s also a great bonding experience for everyone involved and the road trip is as fun as the camping itself. However, in order to stay safe and comfortable during the trip, you need to bring a lot of equipment. Finding used caravans for sale is a good way to save money. Make sure you inspect the caravan thoroughly before you make the decision and it’s perfectly fine to buy something a bit bigger than you need at moment – think about all the trips to come.

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Once you’re already there

Use public transportation the same way the locals do (and there’s nothing wrong with asking for directions). Find out about all the local museums and other attractions you that are admission free. Also, don’t be shy about sharing guides, cabs, and car rentals. This is also a good way to meet the locals and have some adventures while roaming around a new city.

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Where not to save money

Most travel agencies will insist that you spend money on insurance both for yourself and your properties. It seems like a waste of money, but this is the one area where you shouldn’t try to get a cheaper deal. It covers you in case your trip gets cancelled and in a case of any medical emergency. There’s a good chance you’re not going to need it, but buy it anyway, it’s much better than covering these expenses yourself. Find out if the insurance covers damaging or losing your belongings – this you may actually need.

Travelling is one of the most important experiences a person can have. There’s no reason not to enjoy it even if you’re working on a tight budget. By planning ahead and applying a few life hacks you can save a lot of money and enjoy the travel without losing much comfort.