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Smart Home Security Technologies

A smartphone, smart TV, smart car and now – a smart home. Why not? Everything is becoming ‘smart’ these days, so why should a place where you spend the majority of your private time be an exception, especially in terms of security. Making your home ‘smart’ basically means filling it with useful gadgets, so we’ve created a short list of the most important ones that will make your home safer than ever.

Smart Home Security Technologies

Fingerprint Scanners

Whoa! Is this really necessary? Well, if you want to be sure that your home is safe – yes, it is. This technology was once viewed as something that could be seen only in sci-fi movies and maximum-security government buildings, but nowadays, fingerprint scanners have made their way to our very own homes!

Home Sensors

Home sensors are an excellent addition to a fingerprint scanner and the combination of the two will render your home as safe as Fort Knox. These security kits are installed on doors and windows and can determine your identity by analysing your motion, waves and even winks. Like the majority of smart gadgets, home sensors can be accessed and controlled through smartphones and tablets. Some can even be installed in hallways, and will send you a text or an email when triggered.

Smart Home Security Technologies

Remote Monitoring

This is a great way to keep your worrying at a bare minimum while you’re away from home. The very point behind remote monitoring is having access to a live video feed of what’s going on in your house. This technology isn’t only aimed at catching burglars in the act, but also at spotting fires early on, before they spread, which allows you to call the emergency services in time. Remote monitoring can also be very useful when you go on a vacation abroad – you can monitor your very own home from any place in the world, as long as you’re connected to the internet.

Smart Cameras

Although any camera can be used for remote monitoring, smart home security cameras are, nowadays, very cheap and easy to install, and they usually come with a Wi-Fi connectivity. You can record your home and store those videos in the cloud for review later on.

Smart Home Security Technologies - Smart Cameras

Smart Door Locks

Smart locks have pretty much rendered the traditional key obsolete – they are capable of detecting your presence automatically, thanks to your phone’s Bluetooth or the provided key fob. Smart door locks are extremely reliable, but should you happen to get locked out, you can always rely on locksmith experts from Parramatta.

Smart Home Security Technologies - Smart Door Locks

Smart Garage

Typical garage systems are pretty easy to hack and are known as a common access point for burglars. Smart garage systems are simple to install. You simply plug a network adapter into your home router and register the device with your provider. This means that you control the garage door using your iOS or Android device. Smart garage systems are very useful – they allow you to let people in and out of your garage when you are away from home, at your convenience. Additionally, these systems come with a motion sensor that prevents accidents involving closing the garage doors from occurring.

Smart Home Security Technologies - Garage

These smart security gadgets will make sure that your home is always completely safe. Installing all or some of the aforementioned might not be very cheap, but you can’t really put a price tag on your safety!