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Travel Worry-Free: Prepare Your Home for a Vacation

In all that rush about planning your vacation, packing, and trying not to forget your head in the process, preparing your home often gets forgotten. Regardless of how long your trip is going to be, some measures need to be taken in order to keep your house safe and in good condition while you’re gone. Therefore, here’s your ultimate checklist for preparing your home for a trip so you can travel worry-free.

Travel Worry-Free Prepare Your Home for a Vacation

Put safety first

A break in is always a possibility, regardless of the neighbourhood you live in or the length of your journey. That’s why testing and maybe upgrading your alarm system is a must. Also, let your neighbours know you’re leaving for a while so they can notice if there’s something suspicious going on around your house. You can even invest in a lighting system that turns your light on and off periodically making it seem like the house isn’t empty. Finally, you can always find a house sitter – it’s becoming a popular thing lately and it’s a great option if you don’t want to leave your house empty at all.

Keep it clean

Don’t neglect your house chores just because you’re going away for a while – all of that mess is going to wait for you when you come back, rested and refreshed from your vacation. This is especially true for taking the trash out and throwing away food leftovers that are going to get spoiled easily. Clean your fridge and your trash bin before you go to avoid any unpleasant smells once you get back to your lovely home. The same goes for your laundry – wash everything before your trip to keep the smells away but don’t forget to dry it as well. If your laundry stays wet, it’s going to get mouldy and stinky.

Travel Worry-Free Prepare Your Home for a Vacation

Be water and energy efficient

Heating thermostat and AC devices are one of those things you might forget about since they’re probably constantly turned on when you’re at home but that should change once you leave the house for a few days or weeks. There’s no need for your thermostat to keep that constant temperature while you’re gone so make sure you turn it off to save some money on heating and cooling bills. Also, if you’re travelling during winter, make sure you shut the water supply so it doesn’t freeze in your pipes and make a mess in your home.

Take care of your pets

Although your pets are a part of the family, there are certain places you can’t take them and they can’t be left alone in the house for more than a few hours. That’s where pet hosts or pet sitters come to the rescue – you can find a reliable pet boarding service and be sure your cat or dog have the best care they can get. Another option is to hire a pet sitter and let them come to your house – the choice is all yours. Whatever you choose, make sure you prepare clear instructions for the person who’s going to take care of your pets. Prepare their favourite food, treats, and toys to be sure your beloved pet is safe and happy.


Don’t forget about plants

As for the plants, they usually don’t need a sitter but they need regular watering, so installing a drip irrigation system might be a good call. These kinds of remote watering systems are also great for making your gardening efforts more automatic and make things easier when you don’t have a lot of time. When it comes to your house plants and longer trips, having someone to come to your house to water them is the best option. Another thing you can do is to take some of your favourite plants to your friend’s house with detailed instructions on how to take care of them.

Once you’ve done this, you can get to packing and then just relax because you’ll be sure your house, pets, and plants are safe and sound and eagerly waiting for you to come home from your refreshing trip.