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Crafty Easter Fun!

I can’t believe Easter is only two days away, this year is flying by! At this rate it will be Christmas before we know it. That’s a scary thought isn’t it!

My daughter is hoping the Easter bunny will make an appearance again this year (I am too!!). I’ve already had my fair share of creme eggs before they stop selling them again.

As my eldest daughter, Maisie, loves all things crafty we thought it would be an ideal opportunity to have some crafty Easter fun! So we took a trip to our local Poundland store and purchased a whole bundle of crafty things.

Crafty Easter Fun

The first thing Maisie picked out was an egg decorating kit. She loved painting the egg, giving it some eyes, a mouth and some hair. She then stuck a few sequins on.

Next, we decorated a bunny rabbit that was holding an Easter egg. Maisie only wanted to paint the rabbit, deciding against adding anything else for some reason. I think we could have added some sequins or pom poms maybe but it still looked beautiful!

The last thing we made were a few Easter cards! I made a sheep card and Maisie chose to make a chick and rabbit card. I particularly loved the googly eyes!

Maisie really enjoyed our Easter crafting session! Were going on holiday next week, so I will be taking some more crafty bits and pieces with us just in case it rains.

Not only was our afternoon really fun, it was also cheap. The products were from Poundland so they were great value for money and we had hours of fun!

Have you got any plans to get crafty this Easter?

** This post was created in collaboration with Poundland