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Kitchen Trends to Watch for in 2017

Today, a kitchen is not simply just a kitchen. It is the place where you spend more time than ever preparing meals for your family and spending time socializing with your loved ones. Because of that fact, kitchens are becoming more and more open and integrated into homes, and are becoming as trendy and modern as any part of our life. With many kitchen styles out there, here are some most prominent kitchen trends for 2017. Take a look and be inspired.

Kitchen Trends to Watch for in 2017

Fresh colours

In 2017, don’t be afraid to use colour. For this year, Pantone has picked Greenery, a fresh and invigorating yellow-green, and Denim Drift. Pair them with other monochromatic pieces for a modern up-to-date look. Also, more copper coloured details, like handles, appliances and accessories, will find its way into the kitchen.

Paint it black

Black kitchen cabinets are becoming more and more popular, and this year they became a real trend. This nontraditional colour pallet will make your kitchen look elegant and contemporary. If you avoid cluttered worktops, black will give it a classy and clean feeling. Pair it with metallic details or balance it with white elements if you don’t like a full-on monochromatic look.

Gray elegance

If you’re looking for something between dark colours and vibrant explosions, go with gray shades. Your kitchen will profit from this colour, because it’s timeless and well combined with other colours. Go with any colour details, and concrete and stone textures to make a gray kitchen come to life.

Kitchen Trends to Watch for in 2017 - 3 

White is still in

Just because white kitchens are traditional, it doesn’t mean they aren’t trendy. Pair white with a vibrant and fresh colour, like orange or red, or spice it up with some green using fresh herbs or decorative plants. If you like big contrasts, break the whiteness with some black. Think black counter-tops, appliances or black floor tiles. Include geometric shapes, or horizontal or vertical stripes for a more modern look.

Industrial look       

Growing more and more popular, the industrial look is slowly taking over our kitchens. It’s all about taking things back to basics. Bare brick walls and steel beams are the key elements of industrial look. Spice it up with some copper or modern neff appliances that are in contrast with raw wood and marble. For a true industrial look, right lighting is the key. Salvaged industrial lights and exposed Edison bulbs are a big hit.

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Patterned tiles

This kitchen design has never been more popular. In 2017, you can use decorative tiles for your kitchen floor, on the cabinets or walls. Use it if your kitchen needs a bit of refreshment and personality. They are also perfect if you’re aiming for a more vintage look. Pay attention to how you combine patterned tiles with wooden decoration, because it can sometimes be a bit too much. 

Automation and technology

Technology is advancing on a day-to-day basis, and is present in the kitchen more than ever. In 2017, look out for appliances with integrated smart technology like Bluetooth or charging stations for your smart gadgets. Remote controlled coffee machines and ovens will make your food and drink preparation easier and faster. Kitchen innovations like automated faucets and lights will save a lot of energy and resources making your home eco-friendly and modern in a subtle way.

If you’re done with cookie-cutter plain white kitchens, 2017 will come as a breath of fresh air to you. Dark and metallic tones, an industrial look and decorative tiles bring uniqueness and modernity from the living room into the kitchen. Bold nontraditional colours will change the cold and sterile look that should be left in the past, and hi-tech appliances will take your kitchen right to the future.