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5 Decorating Tips for Older Homes

If you’re the proud owner of an old home and you don’t want to leave it; because you love it so much and the memories associated with it; chances are that decorating it as per the modern standards of home decor will always be a challenge for you.

You want to decorate it as stylish as you want but you somehow feel yourself restricted just because of the budget constraints and the overall condition of your home. This is the point where careful planning and checking out the latest discount deals and offers will help you a lot in creating the perfect decor of your home just the way you want it.

Older homes require a lot of re-touching as there are many aspects which need to be kept in mind before adding any decorative item in them. If your home is older than 10-15 years; then you need to take a good look around in order to give it a modern touch-up that would not fall heavy on your pocket at the same time.

Thinking of giving your home a modernised and new look? Here are top 5 decorating tips for older homes that will make them look as new as ever.

Wall Paints

The most convenient way to turn your old-fashioned home into a modern one is by painting the walls as per the latest colours that are in trend.

5 Decorating Tips for Older Homes - Wall Paints

For bedrooms; go for light, sober tones and for living rooms and kitchens; more bold and loud wall paints are preferred. Choose the ones that you like and transform the entire look of your home in no time.

Furniture Items

Replace the old furniture items in your home with the trendy new ones to give it a more subtle and stylish look. You can opt for cane furniture or vivacious funky coloured couches that can be easily placed in the living rooms and bedrooms.

5 Decorating Tips for Older Homes - Furniture Items

Moreover, leather-made furniture is also very much in trend and can be a great furnishing accessory for your home.

Wall Art

Go for metallic wall art or antique wall art depending upon your choice. For living rooms, a relatively new trend of hanging mirrors and metallic signs and symbols has been introduced which has become very popular recently.

5 Decorating Tips for Older Homes - Wall Art

You can also go for vintage themed paintings or the classics from Picasso, Michelangelo and Da Vinci as well.


Go back into the era of royals by adding a grand and beautiful chandelier right in the middle of your living room or bedroom. Instead of adding lots of lights or lamps to create brightness in your home; add a couple of chandeliers. They will do the job just fine and save on energy costs as well.

5 Decorating Tips for Older Homes - Chandeliers

Bedroom Accessories

Now that’s one aspect of home decor that we often ignore but we shouldn’t. The choice of bedding says a lot about how much your home decor means to you.

5 Decorating Tips for Older Homes - Bedroom Accessories

Go for stylish pleated comforter sets with contrasting combinations of pillow sets and cushions of your choice to create a perfectly modern bedroom effortlessly.

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