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Ways to Light up Your Bedroom

Proper lighting solutions are necessary to secure a perfect comfort in every room of the house, but some special attention is required when installing adequate bedroom lights. The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation so the brightness as well as the positioning of the lighting solutions won’t be the same as for the other rooms. Of course, there’s no rule that specifically shows you the right way to light up your bedroom, but some general advice could help you find the best option.

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For reading lovers

People who love to read before sleeping know how important it is to have adequate lighting beside the bed. Bed side lamps are the first thing that comes to mind. If you have a side table next to your bed, this can be a great option for you. Moreover, there are various statement bulbs as well as unique and creative lamp designs that would make a great accessory for the whole bedroom. On the other hand, if you have a pretty small bedroom, or simply don’t want to keep a lamp on your side table, sconce lamps are undoubtedly a great choice.

For minimalist lovers

Your bedroom might be small or you just wish to incorporate minimalistic urban-like style into every room of your home. In that case, hanging pendant lights might be just what you’re looking for. Most of these pendant type lights are nothing more than a hanging bulb on a wire, but thanks to the already mentioned statement bulbs, this style too can create an impressive effect in your bedroom. What’s more, you can decorate your pendant lights with creative and re-purposed shades that only add up to the whole minimalist and urban feel.

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For those with unique taste

If you’re lucky enough to have a more spacious bedroom and you’re wondering how to properly equip it with both accessories and lights, you’ll benefit the most if you opt for floor lamps. Floor lamps can really bring out your unique taste in interior design since there are various kinds available today on the market. You can even try some fun DIY lamp projects that would really stand out on a floor lamp. There are so many options of lighting styles to choose from – from table lamps, floor lamps, even to neon signs from places like Neon Filter that you can hang up on the wall! Just remember to place them strategically around the bedroom so that you actually get the desired brightness and amount of light for your personal needs and requirements.

For romantic yet elegant look

Having a sleek and elegant lighting solution is not a problem in this day and age, thanks to led downlights that come in all shapes and sizes to fit perfectly in your desired image of a great bedroom. Even though they are not that hard to install make sure you contact professionals like ASAP Electrical Services for better results. What’s more, thanks to the possibility of installing dimmers as well, this type of lighting solution can also create a nice romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, or simply allow you to adjust the brightness the way you find it most pleasurable at the given moment.

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Once you definitely decide to change up your lighting solutions and even redecorate your bedroom, make sure to do your own research before going to anyone else. There are a lot of ideas online that could help you create your ideal look in your mind so that you can explore this idea further when you go to a professional or ask someone for help. That way, you’ll be 100% sure that the look you’re trying to create and lights you’re about to install make for a perfect bedroom that feels cozy, warm and comfortable to relax and sleep in.