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FUNdraising activities your kids will absolutely love doing!

Who said that fundraising is hard work? Well, sometimes it is, but at the same time it can be incredibly rewarding and fun! As a family, you can also be involved in fundraising and make it a valuable experience for your kids. Here are some fundraising activities they will absolutely love doing!

Treasure hunt

You can organise a treasure hunt during seasonal holidays and match the theme to it. For example, if it’s Easter, the list of items to be found should include chocolate eggs and Easter bunny ornaments. You can go a little bit more creative and set up an actual pirate treasure hunt with items that can be found on a ship: planks, nets, etc. Don’t forget to include a treasure chest with prizes at the end of the hunt! Also, don’t forget to collect a small fee from each participant which will go to your supported charity.

Why kids will love it: treasure hunts are fun and yet a challenging activity, especially when they are rewarded for their efforts at the end of the event!

FUNdraising activities your kids will absolutely love doing - Treasure Hunt

Craft sale

Why not organise a small craft sale at your local school? The good thing is that there are many things kids can create and sell while raising money for a good cause. Need some original ideas for crafting? There are plenty of them on Pinterest, like button bracelets, cup decorating or bookmarks – just choose one and get your crafty hands on it!

Why kids will love it: it is a good way to express their creativity and imagination, and we are sure the kids will enjoy the process of creating something useful that they can keep for a long time.

Fun runs

Fancy something a little bit more active? Take part in a fun run with your kids! Find an event in your area and select a distance for the challenge: 1km, 3km or 5km. Timeoutdoors.com has a calendar with a variety of events for a family day out. Don’t forget to choose the charity you will be supporting and spread the word. Let your friends know, encourage them to join in, share it on social media – the more supporters you have, the more money you raise!

Why kids will love it: Bring some fun into the preparation for a challenge run – pick the name for your team and personalise your running T-shirts. You can write your names and the charity you are running for. If you wanted to take it one step further, why not design your own custom wristbands on somewhere like SleekWristbands.com – as well as picking the perfect colours, you could include the name of the event, your team name, or your chosen charity in the design.

FUNdraising activities your kids will absolutely love doing - Fun Run

Cupcake war

Get your game on with cupcake baking! It’s very easy to organise “The best cupcake” competition – all you need is a place to host the event (take weather into the consideration), a few stands to display baking creations and a prize for the winner. Send invitations to your friends, ask your kids to invite their schoolmates and ask them to pay an entrance fee and in return they get to have a bite of each cupcake! A great idea to raise some extra money is to sell voting tickets, where people can vote for their favourite cupcake.

Why kids will love it: even though the best part of such competitions is cupcake tasting, we are sure your kids will enjoy decorating the cupcakes as well. Make sure to have various decorating supplies handy: colourful sprinkles, chocolate buttons, confetti and gummy bears. The possibilities are endless here.

FUNdraising activities your kids will absolutely love doing! - Cupcake Wars

Little something extra extra!

Let kids be kids and have a fun childhood – and what is a childhood without toys? We know how time consuming shopping can be, that’s why we tend to buy things online. Did you know that you can be fundraising at the same time? It’s easy with GoRaise, where money from your purchases return as donations to a charity or a good cause. A retailer will donate a percentage of purchases made to your cause, with no extra cost to you! Oh, did we mention that it’s free to use as and there are over 3,000 popular UK retailers to choose from?

Have you ever tried to do any FUNdraising activities with your kids? We would love to hear your ideas and stories, so share it with us in the comments down below.