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Roadside Breakdowns and What to Do about Them

Going on a road trip is always a great experience. However, the same cannot be said about dealing with roadside breakdowns in the middle of nowhere. Even if your car is in a perfect working condition, something can always malfunction and potentially get you stranded. In order not to allow such a thing to become too much of a fuss in the future, here are a few most common reasons why (and how) this happens, as well as some tips on what to do about it.

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Speaking about roadside breakdowns, it is only logical to start with the tires. According to some estimates, about 50 percent of all road breakdowns are caused by a flat tire. While changing it requires no great skill, it can still cause a significant amount of trouble. For example, imagine a scenario where you are in a hurry, a flat tire will most definitely cause a delay. Furthermore, although changing a flat tire isn’t difficult, try doing it in the middle of a blizzard or sudden downpour. With that in mind, it might be for the best to aim for prevention. Check your tires regularly, watch the road ahead of you and of course, always buy your tires from renowned brands such as Michelin or Goodyear. Check out this helpful guide from Budget Direct which showcases various tips on how to look after your tires and wheels all year round.

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Battery problems

Another common problem is a faulty battery that can prevent your car from starting in the first place. Here, the only way to see if you are under such risk is to inspect it for corrosion before you even head out. Your other option would be to check it during your next inspection, although the first method does offer at least some assurance. If your battery still runs dry in the middle of the road, the best option you have is to ask another driver for assistance and jump start your car. This also means that you should always have some jumper cables in your car.

Losing your keys

Roadside breakdowns aren’t necessarily situations where there is something wrong with your car. For example, losing your keys causes pretty much the same effect, seeing how it leaves you stranded either way. The best solution to this would be making a set of spare keys and giving them to one of your travelling companions. One bad idea to avoid would be to keep them in the car compartment, as you’d be locking your spare keys inside your car and, therefore, out of your reach. You would be surprised how often such a thing happens.

Encountering a mechanical problem

Finally, aside from the above mentioned minor problems, your car could potentially experience a serious malfunction. In order to deal with this issue, you need to either have an elaborate knowledge of the car’s mechanics or have a reliable mechanic on your speed dial. Word of advice, such a service most likely won’t come cheap, so it would probably be for the best if you were to do a quick roadside assistance compare and see which option suits you the most. Some of these options even include free towing service for distances of over 100 km.

Roadside Breakdowns and What to Do about Them

If you check your car before heading out, drive carefully and keep your eyes on the road, the chances of such breakdowns will be minimal. However, this doesn’t mean that you will be 100 percent safe from any incidents, seeing how you never know what can happen on the road. Nevertheless, you can always be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best.