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Don’t Kick Curb Appeal to the Curb

Whether you’re looking to sell or lease your property, or you simply want to feel prouder about your home, then you should really consider your property’s curb appeal. Which is… what, exactly? (Here’s part of the problem: a lot of people aren’t particularly familiar with this phrase!)

Don't Kick Curb Appeal to the Curb

Curb appeal basically refers to how good your home looks from the outside. They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but make no mistake: people do not take this advice to heart all that much when it comes to looking at a house from the curb out front. This should highlight how important curb appeal can be in a variety of situations. It’s not just about selling a property; it can also be about impressing guests (or clients, if you’re running a business from home!), or even appeasing your local homeowners’ association!

Whatever your specific reason, curb appeal isn’t something you should keep ignoring. If you want to improve it, then check out these tips!

Don't Kick Curb Appeal to the Curb

Get cleaning

You’ll be surprised just how dirty the front of your house can get. The door, the welcome mat, the windows, the ground – it can all get a little dusty and mucky in just a couple of weeks or so. If you want to increase the curb appeal, then you’d better get to work! Hopefully, washing your windows shouldn’t take too much explanation. If the windows and doors are beyond the stage of cleaning, and only new will do, you can take a look here for more information on replacement window installation. As for the ground – the path leading up to your house and the step just outside your door – this can be a bit trickier. If it’s noticeably dirty, then consider using a pressure washer to get it cleaned up. You might be shocked by what a difference it makes once you start washing. As for the door, washing it might not be as practical as simply giving it a new lick of paint!

Sort out the lawn

Of course, not everyone has a lawn just outside their house. This is a shame, considering that lawns really do add a lot of curb appeal. With this in mind, you might want to consider looking at an artificial grass guide to see if you can add a lawn – albeit an artificial one! Still, they tend to look great, and it also means you’ll have less work to do when it comes to maintaining it – which is what the rest of you are going to have to do! A messy lawn really doesn’t bode well in the eyes of those approaching your front door, so make sure its mowed and tidied every so often.

Don't Kick Curb Appeal to the Curb - 2

Light it up

Yes, I’m aware that ‘lighting something up’ can be taken to mean ‘set it on fire’. That’s not going to help your curb appeal, so avoid that. What I speak of here is lighting. Adding landscape lighting to your property can be a great way to increase curb appeal and add emphasis to your landscaping and architecture too. As with all lighting projects, look for Murfreesboro indoor lighting and outdoor lighting specialists, or specialist electricians in your area. Qualified electricians can recommend and safely install the best outdoor lighting that suits you and your home’s needs. Outside lighting doesn’t tend to make too much of an effect during these bright spring and summer months, but it can make all the difference during the darker days and hours. After all, without a good light source, people won’t be able to see all your hard work in all its glory. Not only that, but good outdoor lighting also helps tremendously when it comes to feelings of safety and security.

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