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The Quick And Easy Guide To Updating Your Bedroom Decor

The bedroom is the one place as a parent that can often get neglected. Especially when it comes to interior decoration. However, once the children are in bed, it’s only right that we should be able to retire to a place that feels like our own personal sanctuary. But as it tends to sit low on the priority list, this sometimes isn’t the case. Which is why I thought it was time to share with you a quick and easy guide to updating your bedroom decor. Hopefully it will help you transform the place into your own little piece of heaven.

The Quick And Easy Guide To Updating Your Bedroom Decor

Think about the style you are wanting

Sometimes we can be a little too quick to change things or paint that we can forget to consider the style we are looking for. Not all of us will want a romantic look in the bedroom, others may just want it to have a calming atmosphere, while some people will just want it to feel tidy and for everything to have its own place. We all have different wants and needs. This is why it is important to put some focus into the style you are hoping to achieve. This will help with many other decisions further down the decorating road.

Brighten things up

Sometimes just a fresh lick of paint is all it takes to give a room a new sense of identity. So consider brightening things up in your bedroom and see the difference it could make. A lighter colour may help you to rise in the morning, or provide you with a calm sense of self in the evening. It doesn’t take much time or money to invest in paint and decorate the walls. But it can make a huge difference to the bedroom.

Replace some of the bigger items

Not all of us have a pot of money we can use to replace everything in our bedroom, and with it housing some hefty pieces of furniture like your bed or wardrobes, it can often be too much money. So have a priority list on what needs replacing and what could be improved. For example, the bed is where you sleep and get your rest, so it might be worth it to replace it. Something like vi-sprung beds could be an option. Or if your bed is in good condition, then look at the piece of furniture that you see first, or perhaps dominate the room like a wardrobe. A room can take on a whole different look when you change things around and replace some of the older items.

Put some focus on the window

Most of the time, our eyes are drawn to the window. They can be a real focal point of any room. So a great tip is to make the window more of a feature. Consider blinds or curtains to add some style. You could also use the window sill to display some of your favourite things or pictures.

I hope this quick guide helps you update your bedroom.