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Things You Should Know Before Buying Headphones

There are many different styles, brands, and prices of headphones, so finding the perfect pair might seem like a monumental task. Some models are great for listening to music at home, and some are perfect for listening to music while being on your feet. Ideally, headphones must be durable, and they also have to sound great while being comfortable at the same time. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some things you should consider before getting yourself a new pair of headphones.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Headphones

Types of headphones

Headphones come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and they can cost anywhere from 5 bucks to over 300. Some of the most popular, celebrity-endorsed headphones like Bose, Beats, and Sony can cost even more than that, but the cost is hardly ever the most important thing.

There are four types of headphones:

In-ear headphones – These headphones are the most common, and they’re incredibly portable. They fit nicely into the ear canal, and they minimize the sound leakage. Unfortunately, when it comes to these headphones, the sound quality is generally poor.

Earbuds – If you want to buy small and cheap headphones, earbuds might be the right choice for you. They don’t seal your ear canal completely, and they don’t offer sound leakage protection, but they’re easy to pack. Generally speaking, earbuds are probably the worst choice of headphones when it comes to their quality of sound, but they’re very convenient and easy to use.

On-ear headphones – These headphones are a bit of a compromise between over-ear headphones and in-ear ones. They’re not as bulky as over-ear headphones, and they’re usually foldable. They also often have leather or foam pads, which makes them feel more comfortable. When it comes to the sound quality, on-ear headphones are much better than in-ear headphones and earbuds, but there’s always an exception to the rule.

Over-ear headphones – Big, bulky, and comfortable. That’s the best way to describe these headphones. When it comes to noise cancellation, they’re absolutely the best, but some people don’t like them because of their size. If you’re looking for a pair of headphones to use at home, these are a great choice.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Headphones

Wireless or no?

Yes. Absolutely. We all become infuriated when the cords of our headphones magically tangle themselves up in our pockets.

The vast majority of headphones use Bluetooth technology, but some of them still use infrared to transmit sound. If you plan on using your headphones outside, get a pair of Bluetooth headphones because they don’t require a line of sight. In any other case, you’re okay with using infrared headphones.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Headphones

What exactly makes headphones great?

The answer to this question is not a simple one. Some people love earbuds because they’re easy to pack, while others prefer the comfort of over-ear headphones. Ideally, you should find headphones that block out external noise almost entirely, because then you won’t have to turn the music up in order to hear it, and you’ll also avoid getting tinnitus.

If you live in Australia, and you’re looking to buy headphones in Sydney, make sure to get a noise-cancelling model because the streets are now louder than ever. Protect your ears, reduce the amount of stress, and enjoy the music!

Assessing sound quality is always a subjective thing, and that’s something you should consider when buying headphones. Don’t be afraid to try them out before spending your money on them. Put them on, let the music play for a few minutes and see whether they put too much pressure on your ears. You can find the perfect headphones for yourself only if you physically visit the store and test them yourself.