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Three Steps to Help You Deal with Oily Skin

People are all born different. We come in all shapes and sizes and the diversity we have is simply amazing. We all have a different skin type, and especially with summer approaching, people with naturally oily skin are trying to figure out new ways to make themselves less shiny in the scorching heat. Not saying that people with dry skin have it easier, but having oily skin can really get in the way of somebody’s confidence and everyday activities. But there is no need to worry because here are three things that will help you deal with oily skin.

Three Steps to Help You Deal with Oily Skin

Understand why it’s oily

The first step to treating anything is understanding why it’s the way it is and oily skin is no exception. For the majority of people with oily skin, the simple reason is: genetic predisposition. But, that doesn’t mean that our behaviour doesn’t have an effect on it. A bad diet full of sugary foods, sodas, alcohol, red meat and fatty dairy products can all lead to oily skin, if consumed in great quantities. Other reasons can be environmental, like dirt and air pollution, stress, poor sleep, lack of hygiene, seasonal changes, but also some normal life events like puberty and menopause. The most important thing to remember here is that while there are things that we can do to make our skin less oily, there is nothing wrong with oily skin and it’s in no way worse than dry or combination skin.

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Things to do to minimise the oiliness

The first and the most important thing is good facial hygiene. Washing your face twice per day with lukewarm water and baby soap is a gentle yet thorough way to get rid of any excess sebum and bacteria. Ending the cleanse with a quick splash of cold water is a great way to close the pores to that oil doesn’t have a place to clog. You should always avoid touching your face with dirty hands and do your best not to pick at any little spots or blemishes that might pop up. For a weekly treatment, you can try using a scrub – either homemade with some sugar, honey and lemon juice, or store-bought – but be very careful not to overdo it, because if you use it too often it will actually remove too much of the oils from your skin and trigger a response where your body will produce even more oil.

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Common mistakes to avoid

A lot of people think that the cure for oily skin is drying it out, but in reality, your skin actually produces the oil because it feels that it is too dry. Instead of using products that will dry our skin out, try an everyday Cosmedix moisturiser and show your skin that you are going to hydrate it, so there is no need for all the extra oil.
The other mistake most commonly made is thinking that using a lot of products on your skin will cover up the oil. Using a heavy-duty foundation and a powder on top will just look caked-up and melting when the oils eventually come through to the surface. Instead, use a BB cream or a light foundation that will let your skin breathe underneath it.

Having oily skin can sometimes make us feel like our skin is not clean, or that we look like we are sweating all the time, but we must remember that it is simply a response from our skin and that it is a completely normal thing. The best thing we can do is accept it as a part of who we are and learn to live with it.