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Tired of Shockingly High Electric Bills?

Our houses run off more electricity than ever before. For many the cost of powering up our homes can be a huge expense and knowing how much electricity you’re using is the first step. Fortunately there are many ways to lower electricity costs. If you’ve just suffered a nasty shock after reading your electricity bill, here are some of the measures you should take.


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Unplug unused appliances

Anything that doesn’t have to be wired in 24/7 should be unplugged when unused. This includes lamps, TVs, microwaves, computers and all manner of other devices. Also remember that power packs and extension cables could be using up power too. Unplug these devices, or alternatively switch them off at the mains. Contrary to popular belief, an empty plug-point with the switch turned on won’t use up any electricity.

Buy low energy gadgets

There are now plenty of low-energy appliances on the market. Sites such as Energy Bulbs specialise in low voltage lighting solutions such as LEDs and halogen bulbs. You can usually spot an energy efficient device by looking for the Energy Star Logo. Dishwashers, washing machines and blenders meanwhile may have energy saver settings on them (although they may not always work as efficiently on a full load).

Change your provider

You could be getting a better deal with another provider. Loyalty to one supplier rarely pays off – other companies may be providing great deals for new customers that you could be taking advantage of. Use comparison services such as Selectra Energy Comparison Specialists to try and find the best deal.

Install an energy monitor

Energy monitors can show you exactly how much electricity you’re using so that you can aim to lower your power usage. Households have been known to save up to 15% on average on their electric bills by installing such a meter. Smart meters are the new design of monitor – the difference being that these monitors also send data of your electrical usage to your provider. Some household owners will go an extra step to limit their electric usage by installing a prepaid monitor that switches off all electricity once a certain amount has been spent.

Switch to renewable energy


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One way to completely eliminate electricity bills is to switch to renewable energy sources. More and more homeowners are installing solar panels on their roofs and running off the power of the sun. Installation costs aren’t cheap, but you will make up these costs providing that you stay in the same property (even if you sell, solar panels may add value to your home’s sale price).

Running entirely off grid isn’t easy and you may find yourself running out of power more often, but the solution could be simply to install more solar panels. There are also home wind turbines that you can buy if you happen to live in a windy area, as well as micro-hydro plants for those living by rivers or streams. Find the solution best suited for you and get a quote.

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