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A Bit Of Sanding And A Lick Of Paint – Top Tips for Up-scaling Your Furniture

Up-scaling your furniture is all the rage. It’s all over Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram – suddenly it’s cool to turn your trash into treasure! This is great news if you live in a home where furniture is easily damaged and needs refreshing often. If you’ve ever thought, “I can do that,” after seeing an impressive before/after pic, the great news is that you can and armed with the following helpful tips, you’ll be an up-scaling master in no time.


Photo from Pexels

1.Get the right tools and kit

Up-scaling is relatively simple, but it can be a much less painful/frustrating process with the right tools. If you don’t already have one, get yourself a tool kit (use an online checklist if you don’t know what you need), to make sure you have everything you need. It’s recommended that you get a belt sander, as this will save you hours of time sanding your wooden upscale products. Maintain your tools and paint brushes regularly to make sure you have everything you need when you need it.

2. Use the internet for inspiration

You can find a tutorial for anything online these days, and websites like Ikea Hackers have some amazing inspiration for home upscale projects. Pinterest is another great resource should you need some ideas. You may not think instructions are necessary, but if you’re new to up-scaling, it does pay to read the step-by-step guide for once!

3. Always sand down wood before painting

Some people expect quick results when it comes to up-scaling, but cutting corners can leave you with poor results. Always be sure to sand down your wooden items to give them a smooth finish that will look infinitely better when you coat them in paint. A belt sander will save you time compared to hand sanding and give you a better finish too, so make sure that you buy the best belt sander you can get for your money.

4. Hunt around for the best items

Don’t just choose anything to upscale – make sure it’s an item that you actually want/need, unless you plan to sell it on afterwards. Boot sales, markets, Gumtree and other sources are goldmines for picking up the right items that can certainly benefit from a bit of up-scaling. These are great places to find high quality items, particularly wood, that would cost an arm and a leg brand new, but could be a bargain and the pride of your home with a bit of TLC.

5. Know when it’s not going to work!

Sometimes, you’ve just got to admit defeat! Not all of your endeavours are going to pay off, and that’s ok. You could always ask for some help if needed, but some things are just not meant to be. Use these pieces for scrap or recycle them – they don’t need to go to waste.

Up-scaling is a fantastic hobby to enjoy for a break from work – you can even get the kids on board! Be the DIY daddy you’ve always wanted to be and impress the world with your amazing up-scaling skills.