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Smart Living For Kids With Allergies

We all want our kids to grow up with relatively normal lives. Unfortunately, if your little ones have certain allergies, you will know all too well that life doesn’t always go to plan. There will be certain restrictions that you and your kids have to follow, and you might have to ensure they always have some emergency medication close by at all times, just in case.

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But don’t worry; life with allergies doesn’t mean you need to wrap your kids up in cotton wool! These smart-living tips can help your kids enjoy a relatively normal and carefree childhood.

Ditch The Grass

If your kids have hay fever, you will know that letting them play outside can be a disaster at certain times of the year! Once they come back inside, they will probably have very sore eyes and runny noses! There is one way you can prevent this from happening so much. You just need to swap your real grass for an artificial lawn. This is easy to do yourself, and once you have bought the fake lawn, you can use an online artificial grass installation guide to help you. It might also be worth removing any plants and flowers that are known to increase hay fever symptoms from your garden.

Consider The Best Dog Breed

Another very common allergy among children is to pets. Fear not, though, as a dog allergy doesn’t mean you need to forget about your dreams of a family pooch! Sure, there are some dog breeds that will set the allergy symptoms off straight away, but there are also some that are actually hypoallergenic and won’t set off someone’s allergy. Hypoallergenic breeds include Schnauzers, Labradoodles and Bedlington Terriers.

Swap Your Carpets

Carpeted floors may be the most comfortable underfoot, but they can also be one of the worst types of floors for kids with dust allergies. This is especially the case in the bedroom. We spend a lot of time asleep at night, and that makes bedroom carpets a popular breeding ground for dust mites. If you do have carpets in your home, consider swapping them for some hardwood flooring. You can always add some mats and rugs for comfort. Just remember to wash them regularly to remove any mites and dust!

Change Your Houseplants

If you have had your houseplants for a long time, you probably don’t give much thought to them anymore. They might have become just another part of the furniture! Once your kids are diagnosed with allergies, though, it’s time to double check the types of plants you have inside. Some plants and flowers release spores that can be very irritating and they will aggravate certain allergies. It is also important that you don’t over water any plants that are inside as this will cause mould to develop. Don’t think that swapping real plants for fake ones is a great solution – fake ones will only gather lots of dust.

Once you follow these tips, you will find that you can manage your kids’ allergies a whole lot better!