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Why Your Home Is Looking Tired

The short answer is that your home is probably either old or worn out by excessive use or perhaps young children who aren’t quite as careful with things as the grown ups might be. Whatever the case, you probably want a fuller answer as to why your home just doesn’t feel as warm and welcoming as it used to. You probably want a fuller answer as to what you could do to fix the situation and imbue your home with a new lease of life. Well, this article might just give you the guidance you need. Here are some reasons as to why your home is looking so tired.

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Your house is cluttered

This is to be expected in a family home. Perhaps you remember the glory days of being an adult living in a flat or a house (perhaps on your own or with your partner) and being in full control of the cleanliness of your humble abode. Well, those days are gone now, and you need to find a way to make your family home less cluttered if you want it to feel fresher and more inviting. A great solution for kids is to get them a proper toy box and teach them to put things back in there when they’ve finished playing with them.

Still, that’s only one half of the equation. Adults can hoard things too, and it’s very easy to get into bad habits with over-collecting and failing to store things properly. Having a good clear-out and giving unwanted things to charity is a start, but the excess can be stored in clever places as well. Storage spaces under beds and sofas are a smart idea. You could even put up extra shelves in bedrooms or the kitchen to create new storage space. Everything looks neater if it’s not left lying on the floor or furnishings; that’s a good rule of thumb. Every item should have a home.

Your kitchen is neglected

Perhaps “neglected” is the wrong word. You use your kitchen every day to cook meals or perhaps even to relax with the family if you’ve a dining area or lounge connected to your kitchen zone. The point is that this is the problem; you use this room more than many of the other rooms in your house, and it’s bound to become far more worn-out and run-down as a result of that. The best way to remedy the situation is to start with the basics; repaint your kitchen cabinets, clean up the floor and surfaces, and fix any loose hinges on doors. When you’ve sorted out all the minor odd jobs that have been on your ‘To Do’ list for years, look at the kitchen again.

You’ll probably find that the room still looks a little tired, outdated, broken, or all three combined into one messy combination. There’s a chance that appliances and perhaps even furnishings have simply had their day and it’s time to move on. You could browse through some kitchen sinks in all styles and other appliances or brand new furnishings to get an idea of a new look for your kitchen.

Use this as an opportunity to opt for a more modern aesthetic theme for your kitchen. The key to fixing that “tired” look is to opt for new things, but new things which look up-to-date will also help to lift the character and aesthetic of your kitchen (along with the entire house if you’re consistent with this theme).

Restore before replacing things

It’s tempting to always buy new things when possessions start to look old and worn, but along with this being costly and wasteful, it’s also entirely unnecessary. Sometimes, old things can be restored to their former glory if you’re willing to put a little time into doing so rather than your money. Furniture is something that can definitely be fixed if you’re willing to set aside a weekend towards researching the process for restoring that specific item.

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be a professional. You can do it yourself if you just take the time to learn. That’s why YouTube is so great; there are tutorials for pretty much anything in the modern age. In fact, that’s a good rule of thumb for any DIY task you have planned around the house. Just use YouTube for guidance when it doubt. Seeing a step-by-step video of a real person carrying out the process in real-time is far better than reading about how to do it.