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12 Child-Friendly Bathroom Accessories That Adults Will Love Too

Every body loves decorating their house while keeping it neat and tidy at the same time. However, for parents with little kids, this isn’t always easy. I have seen moms clearing their houses completely when their children learn to walk as now they can roam around touching things and messing it up. Some people prefer to keep their house with as little items as possible because of their kids.

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In a way this is better as they don’t end up getting disappointed seeing their beloved house messed up, take the extra work of making it up again and lose the things they bought with so much love. However, clearing your house to end the mess isn’t the solution and isn’t possible all the time. As different people share the same space, everybody has their own preferences and choices and would like to keep their personal space accordingly. For one little toddler, everybody else cannot compromise all the time with their likes and dislikes.

The bathroom is the most ignored area of the house generally, but is most involved in sanity and cleanliness. Sharing your bathroom with kids isn’t easy, and they can mess it up. Thus it is essential to design it in a way that they can easily use it and stay safe. Accidents in bathrooms aren’t rare for kids as they keep tripping. Moreover, fatal accidents also take place especially when kids have a bath. Kids spill the water around which and can cause dangerous accidents too. Hence, it is very important to have a bathroom which is friendly for kids as well as adults and can be easily maintained. Different bathroom accessories can be used, and these accessories are equally loved by adults.

1. Keep your bathroom as shelf free as possible

When kids are around it is always a good idea to keep shelving to a minimum in the bathroom because they try to get things and end up creating a mess. So with open shelves or prefab shower niche, they can easily access the stuff required like shampoos, conditioners, bath gels and towels. Also, parents can keep an eye on the things at the same time.

2. Keep a stool for kids

Do not install a short length vanity as the same is used by adults also. Moreover, kids grow fast so don’t waste money installing two vanities of different lengths. Install a normal one according to an adult and keep a stool for kids. As they struggle to get their hands to the wash basin, they can easily step on and use this stool to keep themselves safe.

3. Install hanging hooks

Most of the luxurious bathrooms have towel bars where towels are folded and kept. For kids, this isn’t a good idea as parents have to take up the hassle of folding those towels again and again. Instead, it’s good to install hanging hooks so kids can easily hang their stuff. This is more hygienic also as kids will otherwise drop their clothes or towels on the bathroom floor getting them dirty.

4. Put tiles on the walls

Children often splash water and shampoo around in the bathrooms. This can spoil the paint on the bathroom walls. So it’s a good idea to use tiles. Tiles have longer lives and can easily be cleaned with just a wipe of a wet cloth. Water painted walls get the liquid stick to them and cannot be cleaned easily thus giving your bathroom a very dirty look.

5. Install little cupboards over the bath tub

It is a good idea to have little cupboards in bathrooms to keep necessary sanitary items and other stuff that is frequently used in bathrooms. However, with kids around keeping these cupboards on the floor can be a problem as kids keep on touching it all the time. So install a small one that’s elevated, giving a good look whilst still being safe.

6. Keep a toilet seat

A toilet seat is a must in bathrooms used by kids. This keeps them clean as kids won’t have to struggle to use the adult seat. They can easily use the one which is according to their size.

7. Shower mat

If you have a standing shower, it is kind of essential to have a shower mat when kids are around. Kids while having a shower may play around, so they are very prone to slipping in the shower. To avoid such accidents, keep a shower mat which will keep them safe and secure in one place.

8. Install accessories for all ages

Install showers which are easily adjustable and can match kid’s height. Also, use such bath tub accessories which are easy to operate and not too tight to move so kids can easily rotate them without the help of parents.

9. Fix light switches to moderate height

Switching the light off and on is done very frequently, it is important to have the light switche at such height where kids can also reach it easily. Otherwise, it’s hectic for parents to do so again and again.

10. Install temperature controllers

Kids are usually careless and don’t check the temperature, it’s essential to have temperature controllers. These devices control the temperature and keep it moderate thus avoiding very hot or very cold water, keeping the children safe.

11. Kids’ bath toys

Keep cute little soft toys in the bathroom for kids. There are toys which are used in the bath tubs, and kids can play with them. Such toys keep kids busy, and they don’t panic while having a bath.

12. Keep non-slippery floor

Construct the floor with tiles which are non-slippery. As the bathroom is the place in the house which is most prone to accidents, it is very important to have the non-slippery floor. When kids are there in the house, they spill the water around thus making the floor dangerous for everybody.

It is very important to design the bathroom in a way which is best suited to kids as well as adults. It shouldn’t be designed with a very childish theme as kids grow quickly and in later years they will demand a remake. So do not invest a fortune in extra childish like theme and use accessories which can be easily replaced if wanted without leaving marks all over the place.