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5 Quickfire Gardening Tips

Let’s face it, not all of us are a dab hand in the garden and need some guidance or quick tips. The gardening world can be so overwhelming for some people which may lead to them never getting out and giving it a go! This article will guide you through a number of gardening tips that will allow boost your confidence!

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Begin with ‘Easy’ Plants

There are so many different plants to choose from with some being extremely difficult to grow and keep alive. If your just starting out, the last thing you want to do is pick a plant that is likely to die within a few days without the right care and attention.

This is likely to destroy your confidence in the garden and may even prevent you from trying again. For beginners, it’s best to start out with plants that are much easier to grow such as vegetables. Not only are they easy to grow, the growth process happens much quicker so if something does happen to go wrong you won’t have wasted months of your time! Another favourite for beginners are sunflowers because they grow very quickly and are fairly easy to look after.

You never know, growing vegetables successfully may give you the boost of confidence you need to tackle the harder plants!

Organise Your Garden

Organising your garden is easier than you think. There are many ways this can be done quickly and easily with minimal effort.

One way this can be done is to use trestle staging. This item allows you to effectively organise your plants so you can make the most of the space you have. Not only this, you can also use trestle staging to act as a workstation whilst gardening.

Research is Key

Once you’ve grown a number of easier plants such as vegetables, as mentioned earlier, you may be ready to move onto the next stage! Before you do though it’s important to perform thorough research of the plants you intend to grow.

This is to ensure overcrowding doesn’t become an issue in your garden. Some plants may grow larger and wider than others so if you put two similar plants together and they both grow sideways, you’re left with an overcrowding issue!

You also need to be careful you don’t put plants that grow tall in front of plants that only grow to average height, as this could hinder the sunlight they receive. Information like this can be found online or in books so be sure to perform your research before buying and planting!

Water with Care

You may think watering your plants is easy, well your completely wrong! There are a number of different things to think about.

You need to water your plants consistently and with sufficient amounts for each plant. Some plants require higher levels of watering whilst others don’t need much at all. This is where the research you performed (as mentioned above) comes in handy.

It’s also important to water your plants at the same time of day and it’s recommended this daily task is performed early morning before the sun comes up. This allows the plants to fully soak up all the water available.

Patience is a Must

Above all, you need patience when it comes to gardening. It won’t all just happen overnight, plants need time to grow and thrive in your garden. But sure enough if you are patient, your garden will be looking brilliant in no time at all.

The last thing you want to be doing is fussing too much over the plants or over watering as this could do more damage than you think!

Well there you have it, 5 quickfire gardening tips to boost your confidence and move you towards becoming an expert!