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Helping Your Cat Maintain a Strong Immunity

In order to protect us from various diseases, our bodies have developed an intricate system of biological processes and structures that is referred to as the immune system. The main purpose of our immune system is recognising and then fending off invaders, such as bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.

Cats are also equipped with this line of defence, however there is a great deal of difference between our immune system and those of our feline friends. Most of us know what we should do to boost our immune systems, but here’s what to do when it comes to your cat.

Helping Your Cat Maintain a Strong Immunity

Minimise stress levels

As we already know, stress – regardless whether it’s psychological or physical – can be the cause of a variety of illnesses. It’s important to limit stress in your cat’s environment. Even more importantly, if you’re stressed out, it will reflect on your cat as well, because cats and their humans tend to mirror each other in terms of their psychological and emotional state.

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Keep vaccinations at a minimum

Vaccines can trigger a variety of immune-mediated and other chronic disorders and reactions, such as vaccinosis and can even occasionally cause aggressive tumors, called fibrosarcomas to appear at the vaccination site. Of course, a certain number of vaccinations is pretty much obligatory when it comes to most domesticated living beings (even humans), so learning about different vaccines can give you a great deal of insight when it comes to knowing which ones you can avoid entirely. Here is a really good article that shows you the costs of owning a cat which you should definitely check out!

Keep away from large amounts of steroids and antibiotics

Much like vaccines, steroids and antibiotics are unavoidable in some cases. On the other hand, these drugs are frequently overused. Extensively repeated rounds of steroids and antibiotics may do more harm than good and damage your cat’s immune system, especially when it comes to chronic conditions. It is recommended that you work with a holistic veterinarian, who has thorough knowledge of the treatments that can support your cat’s immune system and trigger its own healing processes.

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Avoid chemical flea treatments

A vast number of modern flea and tick treatments are filled with toxic chemicals that can be harmful to pets and people as well. In fact, even if you strictly follow the manufacturer’s directions, these products can still end up harming your pet and even poisoning you. Keep in mind that there are other effective ways to deal with fleas without using chemicals.

Feeding your cat

One of the largest challenges for a cat is obesity, as it can lead to serious health issues, ranging from diabetes, arthritis, heart and respiratory problems, to gastro-intestinal and digestive issues. Food quality plays a huge role in strengthening your cat’s immunity and proper and nutritious food found at shops such as Black Hawk can go a long way in making sure that your cat maintains strong defences against outside threats.

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Add supplements

A young cat, regularly eating quality grain-free or raw food is likely going to remain strong and healthy for many years to come. As a cat ages, however, its immune system is met with a variety of challenges and the need for adding supplements to your feline pet’s diet grows, and these do wonders for its immune system. Before opting for supplements, however, it is always wise to check with your cat’s veterinarian.

Your cat is capable of taking care of maintaining its own immune system to a certain degree, beyond which this becomes your duty. Make sure that your cat is stress-free and well-fed, while avoiding extensive vaccination, chemical flea treatments, steroids and antibiotics.