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A Dad’s Guide to Healthier Living

Ideally, in a two-parent family, both parents have jobs. Financially, it’s a stable environment, but both of those parents are usually under a lot of stress because they are constantly trying to make time for both work and family obligations. This stress can take a toll on their health in the long run.

As far as fathers go, a regular exercise can do the trick. However, these expectations can’t always be met due to other pressing matters. In order to learn how to juggle between obligations more efficiently, every dad needs a basic, comprehensive guide to healthier living.

Dads Guide to a Healthier Living

Flash workout

You probably don’t even have an hour a day to commit to an exercise routine. Your obligations begin as you roll out of your pajamas and end when you fall unconscious back in your bed. However, a popular solution for this particular problem has emerged. Flash workouts are a good way to fill your training quota for the day.

Take your hour-long routine and break it down to five-to-ten-minute segments. Whenever you get a chance throughout the day, have a flash workout. The goal is to finish the entire one-hour set by the end of the day. The best time for these workouts is before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

 Social life

Maintaining strong relationships with your friends will contribute to your overall health. However, we usually tend to neglect our social lives. In order to circumvent this problem, you can arrange regular meetings with your friends every two weeks. The consistency and regularity of these hang-outs, if they are kept at an even pace, will make both you and your friends feel as if you’ve never skipped a beat.

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Thankfully, we also live in a time of modern technology, which allows us to contact our friends over Facebook and Skype. A five-minute conversation with a close friend can mean a lot when it comes to alleviating your stress, which leads to healthier living.

A healthy diet

Healthy diets don’t include refined sugar. This means that you’ll have to stop eating candy and drinking sodas. This will be very difficult at first. For several weeks, you’ll feel under the weather and your energy will be in the all-time low. There won’t be much you can do about it. However, cutting out refined sugar will pay off in the long run – your blood test results will be much better and you’ll feel much more energetic.

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Most of these lifestyle changes require a lot of will-power. In fact, you will be forgiven if you relapse into old habits, considering the amount of pressure you will be faced with every day. Torn between family and work, your weeks turn into a run-of-the-mill Groundhog Day exercise of obligations. You are expected to keep track of every appointment, every detail at work and every school play you have to attend. Keeping track of so many obligations is nigh impossible. Thankfully, in this day and age, there are powerful supplements, such as a cognitive enhancing smart pill, designed to sharpen your focus and motivate you to get everything done by the end of the day.

Laughter is the greatest medicine

As far as managing stress and anxiety is concerned, there is no better antidote to these life-consuming conditions than a good laugh. Having fun with your kids can lead to unexpected spontaneous moments end up being a good source of laughter. You can always buy a DVD collection of your favorite sitcom and enjoy twenty minutes of laughs with your wife before going to bed. This is where friends come as an important factor as well – it’s easy to relax and have a good laugh with the people you’ve known for decades.

Nobody expects you to be a “super dad” but sometimes you’ll have so many obligations, it will feel like you need to acquire super powers to get through the day. The stress can become too overwhelming to bear and this can take a toll on the entire family. You should do everything in your power to keep both yourself and your family happy, and in order to achieve this, you’ll need to be stress-free and healthy. By following all the tips mentioned above, it won’t be too difficult.