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What Your Children Can Teach You About Life

Although it’s our responsibility as adults to teach our kids how to carry themselves through life, more often than not, it seems that children know things we have forgotten on our road to adulthood. Kids are almost always more friendly and open and tend to enjoy their lives more than we adults do. It’s not that uncommon to hear someone say how they wish to go back to the carefree times when they were kids, which begs the question: what can our children teach us about life that we seem to have forgotten along the way?

What Your Children Can Teach You About Life

Be courageous

One of the more important lesson about life we can learn from our kids is to be fearless. Children aren’t as constrained by a fear of failure as we are. They welcome the future with open arms and smiles on their faces without letting the negative aspects of their choices control them, because they honestly don’t know any better. There’s a clear line between danger and adventure, which is something every parent knows all too well, but kids don’t have the experience we do and aren’t afraid to speak their minds and try out new and exciting things.

Wear your scars as a badge of honor

The older we get, the more we hide our scars, both the physical and emotional ones. They become our secrets, as we don’t want to be viewed as weak and we definitely don’t want to be pitied. The problem with this is that letting people around us know that we are hurt is actually one of the steps in the process of getting better. On the other hand, when a child breaks their arm, every one of their friends will be lining up to sign the cast. They show off their scars boastfully and wear them as badges of honor. Instead of hiding our pain and our scars, we should wear them as proud reminders and signs of strength and survival against even the harshest of odds.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

Never take yourself too seriously! Your kids aren’t doing it and neither should you. Keeping up appearances and maintaining a professional air is perfectly understandable, as we live in an age where we need to market ourselves on a daily basis in order to become successful. But taking yourself too seriously means that you won’t be able to have an honest laugh at your own expense, which is one of the best tools for the self-evaluation of various bad habits and character flaws that should eventually be corrected. Maintain a professional image, but do so lightheartedly and with a much-needed dose of humor.

What Your Children Can Teach You About Life

Take a carefree attitude towards life

Whether it involves our personal or professional lives, we have numerous tasks we need to accomplish on a daily basis and hardly enough time to actually accomplish them all in time. We allow the fear of failure to control us, as well as any doubts and regrets we might have. Letting go of all those things is what makes us truly carefree and is something our children do instinctively and naturally.

Have fun

Finally, the most important lesson we can learn from our children is to have some fun. Working day in and day out to provide for the family is reasonable, but without a good release valve, all the pent up energy and stress will find some other, less positive way of manifesting itself out in the open. Give rollerblades a chance or try riding a skateboard for a change. If you’ve already tried that, challenge yourself with a smaller, mini cruiser board (called a penny board). Whatever it is, just have some fun without having to worry all the time. Make sure you also have the right skateboard hardware for your adventures, and stay on the safe side!

As you can see, there’s a lot of things we can learn from our kids. Some we have forgotten during our long road to adulthood. Others, we might don’t get the chance to experience and learn. Either way, as much as we need to teach our kids and impart them with precious knowledge about life, it’s important to take a step back and look at the world with the innocent and fun-seeking eyes of our children.