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Why a Beautiful Bedroom is About More Than Just Aesthetics

Every girl deserves a beautiful bedroom to retire to at the end of each day. Decorated in pretty colours, well thought out furniture and decorative items which really make the space feel like her own. However, there are some additional benefits to a lovely room that are more than just how it looks. Here are a few reasons to give your room a revamp!

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Helps You Sleep Better

We all know the importance of sleep when it comes to our health. You know when you’ve not had the best night’s sleep as you will wake up feeling irritable and low- you might even feel more hungry due to more hunger hormones being released! Bad news of course if you’re watching your weight.

But in the long term, chronic lack of sleep can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, type two diabetes, heart disease, mental health problems and even accidental death. A beautiful, clean and tidy room and a nice new comfortable bed from a reliable bed shop Stockton (or another shop local to you) allows you to properly relax and unwind at the end of each day, and can lead to a better night’s sleep.

A good quality bed will make all the difference, you can browse mattresses online on sites like John Ryan by Design if you’re unable to get to a bed shop. The colours you choose for your room can even influence your mood and promote feelings of well being and relaxation.

Allows You To Enjoy Your Home

When you spend so much money on your home on bills and on rent/ mortgage payments, you really want to be able to enjoy the different areas of your property. And having a nice bedroom allows you to make the most of where you live, whether it’s cosying up with a book in the evening or eating breakfast in bed on a Sunday morning. A nice room that you enjoy spending time in just gives you the opportunity to enjoy being at home, and in the space that you’ve put a lot of time and effort into.

Lets You Show Your Personality

There’s nowhere else in the entire world that’s more personal than your bedroom. Your room is where you can be surrounded by the things you love. A place to show your personality- from the colours to the patterns, to the accessories and everything else. Even if you still live at home with parents or in shared accommodation, your room is where you have free reign to just be yourself and to make it look the way you choose.

Even if you can’t redecorate the walls, you can make it your own with things like soft furnishings, accessories and wall hangings. We spend so much time conforming: at work, in school, college or university. Being home in your own space which is decorated to your liking allows you to escape that for a while, and just gives you that bit of freedom.

It’s Functional

Chances are, your bedroom is more than just a space to sleep. It’s also where you get ready for the day, it might even double up as a work area if you have your desk in your room. A beautiful bedroom will make the most of the space and be laid out in a way that’s functional.

Choose furniture that gives you room to move, and works with the size of the bedroom that you have. Get clever with storage and organisation, and be sure to measure out things carefully before purchasing!

If you really needed another excuse to treat yourself to lovely revamped bedroom, here are just a few more reasons why you should!