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Summer Fun at Wyevale Garden Centre in Shenstone

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer (not much can be said for the weather at times though!) and managing to find lots of fun things to keep occupied. I’ve recently had 2 weeks paternity leave after my wife gave birth to our 3rd child, a baby boy named Archie Thomas Williams! It was perfectly timed actually because I was able to enjoy time with my eldest daughter who would have normally been at school!

Me and my eldest daughter (Maisie) were invited to a couple of summer events at the Wyevale Garden Centre in Shenstone last week.

Potty for Bees

The first was on Tuesday and the event was aptly named ‘Potty for Bees’. It involved a lot of crafting in order to decorate a plant pot as a bee!

Maisie was then helped by a member of staff to plant a little flower in her plant pot which we’ve been watering every other day to make sure it stays alive. Maisie absolutely loved the crafting session, you can see the finished product below.

Summer Fun - Potty for Bees - 1Summer Fun - Potty for Bees

Breakfast with Buzzy Bee

We also attended an event on Thursday which was named ‘Breakfast with Buzzy Bee’. When we got to the garden centre, we were shown to a table which already had a little crafting pack laid out. Maisie set about creating her bumble bee boppers which she loved!

We then had our breakfast bought out. I had a full English whilst Maisie (being the picky eater that she is!) just had toast, bless her. Once we’d finished our breakfast, Buzzy bee took all the children on a hunt around the garden centre to find bee facts. For each fact the children found they each got a sticker on a little card they were given. Maisie loved finding out just how important bees are to life as we know it. I recently shared a quiz about how important bees are, check it out here.

Once the children had found all the facts and collected all 5 stickers, we headed back over the the breakfast tables where there was another little surprise waiting! It was a decorate your own biscuit pack! Whilst Maisie set about decorating her biscuit, Buzzy bee disappeared and came back with a prize for the children for being such good bee fact hunters. They each received a cuddly bear and Maisie named her’s Mia (I think the name is from a programme called Mia and Me, but I could be wrong!).

All in all it was a great morning and it didn’t end there. I had a drink and a cake whilst Maisie enjoyed in the soft play area for a little while!

Summer Fun - Breakfast with Buzzy Bee - 1Summer Fun - Breakfast with Buzzy Bee

I love going to garden centres regardless of what’s going on anyway. So after Maisie had finished playing, we had a walk around and the Shenstone Wyevale Garden Centre has an awesome fish section and every time we visit, we just have to look at the fish!

Maisie had a great time and I did too! Let me know in the comments what you and your kids have been getting up to so far during the summer holidays!