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3 Hands On Business Ideas Perfect For DIY Lovers

Let’s be honest about it, every parent dreams of being able to quit their job and start their own business. A business that can be worked around family and other commitments, while offering a great income. The problem is that for a lot of us, coming up with an innovative business idea isn’t an easy task.

However, a unique business idea isn’t necessarily needed for success. You see, there are some sectors where success isn’t based on how innovative the idea is, it’s based on the quality of the service offered, such as hands on roles linked to DIY, for instance.

3 Hands On Business Ideas Perfect For DIY Lovers

Say you are a parent with a passion for DIY, below are three hands on business ideas that are almost guaranteed to be successful. Want to run your own business? Give the below ideas some thought and consider launching a business using one of them as a starting point.

Going self-employed might be a huge leap but if it will improve yours’ and your family’s quality of life and amount of time together, then it’s worth it. So be brave and take the leap!

1. Launch a plastering business

Are you a skilled and experienced plasterer? Or are you willing to undertake a short apprenticeship to learn the tricks of the trade? The fact is, there is always work for plasterers, which is why starting a professional plastering business could be a good step to take. Obviously, you will need to invest in specialist plastering tools and perhaps a van to carry them in, but apart from those costs, and the cost of any advertising, that’s all that you would need to cover to get your business off of the ground. Plasterers have the ability to earn a good income, which is what makes this option an even more appealing one.

Start a painting and decorating company

Do you have a steady hand and an eye for detail? If the answer is yes, then perhaps working as a painter and decorator could be a good option for you? Just think, you could set your own hours and choose your own prices, plus you would be doing a job that there is always a need for – there’s never a time when people don’t need their homes painting and decorating. Not sure what you should be charging? Luckily, there’s now contractor estimate software you can use to calculate quotes, which is also useful if maths isn’t your strong suit. If you are a dab hand with a paint brush and can effectively hang wallpaper, then this could be the ideal idea for your startup.

Offer a ‘handyman service’

If you are a man of many talents, from plumbing and electrics to putting up shelves and hanging wallpaper, then perhaps offering a handyman service could be a good career option for you. There are a lot of people who require help with small tasks, such as placing shelving on the wall, replacing old wallpaper, or painting a certain area of a property, which means that a handyman service could prove rather popular and highly profitable.

There you have it, three hands on business ideas that could potentially offer you the chance to get away from the nine until five grind and spend more time with your family while earning a good income to support them with.