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Buying a New Home? Consider These Insider Tips on Residential Security

Choosing a new home to buy can be quite overwhelming. There are so many things you have to consider, including the architecture, the neighbourhood and the property’s market value, among many others.

We also want to have a comfortable life when we’re moving to a new house. Part of this is having the assurance that you can feel secure in your home. So, we’ve prepared a list of useful tips for ensuring residential security.

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A Security Door System in Place is a Plus

Not all houses in the market have a good security door system in place. When you find one like so, put it on the list of homes you consider. However, if your chosen house does not one installed, you can always call a professional to install one for you. When you value the safety and peace of mind of your family, then you can consider a strong security door system as a good investment. Below are some of the benefits of installing a security screen door.

You Have a Reliable First Line of Defence

Compared to regular doors, security doors are designed to be stronger. When you have one, you can have another layer of protection against burglary attempts. Remember to find a security door system that complies with Australian Standards. To go an extra step further, consider a gate entry system which will also help prevent or stop people getting onto your property. 

Discourage Burglary Attempts

Burglars typically go through the front door and once they see that you have a security door, they would think twice. They would contemplate whether they should risk it and if it is worth their effort. Their basic break-in tools won’t be able to smash through a reliable security door. Consider the additional security of cameras or a ParcelVault, this is a great deterrent for how to stop porch pirates. Although there may be a lot of valuables inside your home, parcels are often left outside, vulnerable to being stolen.

Buying a New Home Consider These Insider Tips on Residential Security

Other Lifestyle Benefits of Having a Security Door

Apart from giving you protection, security doors also offer other financial and lifestyle benefits. For instance, you can save on electricity costs amidst the summer heat. You can let fresh air in and still secure your house by opening your main entry door and locking your security door. In this way, you can turn off the air conditioning.

Also, you can lower your insurance premium when you have a security door installed. When you make improvements to the security of your home, your insurance company will consider your house as less of a risk. This is a good way to get a discount on your contents insurance. You could also install a vivint doorbell camera for extra security.

Have a Reliable Home Security System

With the ever-increasing prices of commodities, we try to find ways to save money. Some people consider a home security system as an unnecessary expense. However, when you look at crime statistics, you would think of an alarm system as a valuable investment that can help you prevent financial damages down the road. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest on one.

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Keep your Home Safe No Matter Where You Are

There is a wide selection of security systems that can be connected to a third-party monitoring service. So, when someone attempts to break into your home, the authorities will be notified so they can immediately respond. This also means that you can still secure your home while you are at work or you are away on a vacation.

You might also want to find an alarm system with infrasound detectors. In this way, the system can still detect sounds outside the human range. For instance, when thieves test whether the doors are closed and locked, they would keep their operation quiet. They would only produce low-frequency sound vibrations which you would not be able to hear. With an infrasound detector, your alarm system will still be able to recognise a burglary attempt, no matter how quiet it is.

Get Protection for Other Emergencies

Getting a comprehensive alarm system can be a valuable investment for your home. You can get add-ons depending on your needs. For instance, if you live in a bush fire zone or you have elderly people around the house, you might want to get a smoke detector linked to your security system. The alarm will go off when it detects smoke and prevent further damages from the fire.

You can also get a medical emergency add-on if you live with people with health issues. You can connect your security system to a pendant that your loved ones can wear. In this event of a medical emergency, they won’t have to struggle reaching or searching for their phone. All they have to do is press the button and a medical team will immediately be dispatched to your home.

Simple Reminders for Residential Security

Aside from the aforementioned security features, you can install to your home, there are also some simple things you can do protect your home and your loved ones. Take a look at our simple reminders below:

  • Valuable items like laptops, car keys and cameras should be placed in secure areas. Do not place them in areas where they can easily be spotted through the window.
  • Remember to check if you’ve locked all doors and windows before leaving the house.
  • Spare keys should not be placed under the doormat or flowerpot. Thieves typically assume that most home owners do this.
  • If you recently purchased gadgets or appliances, remember to properly get rid of the packaging. When they are exposed to the public, burglars will be motivated to break into your home.
  • Do not forget to use reinforced locks on your sheds. You can secure the items inside and also prevent thieves from finding items that they can use to forcibly open your doors.
  • Properly maintain your gates and fences. From time to time, make sure that they are still in good condition.
  • If you have an unexpected visit from a stranger, do not let them in unless you have thoroughly verified their identity and the purpose of their visit.

Also, check out this useful resource on strengthening your home security.

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