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Heading To The Dentist Doesn’t Need To Be A Drama

Getting children to clean their teeth can be an absolute nightmare at times, don’t you think? Why are they so against giving their teeth a brush? But while it can feel like a battle you don’t always win, heading to the dentist can often be the war that the kids love to fight against. The dentist strikes a fear within children that many of us adults can possibly understand, but there really shouldn’t be a drama when it comes to the regular checkup every six months. I thought I would share with you some of the tips to make a trip to the dentist less drama-free and more enthusiastic.

Heading To The Dentist Doesn't Need To Be A Drama

Choose a dentist that you feel comfortable with

Children can sense exactly how you are feeling, and so it is important to make sure that you are comfortable with the dentist you have chosen before attending with children. Places like the oceanic dental lab offer excellent services for more advanced procedures and dentistry, so it’s important to choose the right place for you and your family. Whether it is just for a check up, or fillings and other procedures, pick the right place that you are confident in, and then your children will feel more at ease. There are lots of Edinburgh dentists (or dentists in your local area) that will go above and beyond to ensure a drama free experience!

Make the idea of a checkup fun rather than problematic

It can be hard to encourage your children to go to the dentist, but try and make the checkup more fun that problematic. Instead, give your children the idea that they are going to be rather grown up, sat in a very impressive chair with lots of fascinating things around them. Turn it into an adventure.

Make the time in the waiting room fun

The time in the waiting room can be when the nerves for children can get very heightened, and the anxiety can set in. Instead, bring crosswords and magazines as a good distraction for your children. Even colouring can be a great way to keep them busy while waiting for that appointment. The distraction will be good. Plus, a reputable dentist in cave creek, az or in your area will likely provide toys or books for children in their waiting rooms, so if you don’t have anything at hand to give them then they probably will.

Teach the importance of good dental hygiene

The dentist is just one small part of good dental hygiene, so it is important that as a parent you teach the importance of good dental hygiene. Brushing teeth and keeping them regularly checked is just part and parcel of it. It can be hard to do this with children, especially when they can be so against it, but often leading by example can be the best way to tackle it.

Reward good behaviour but try and avoid bribery

Finally, it can be so tempting to bribe your children with something to ensure they behave well, but instead, try and reward the good behaviour. The best way to do this is to reward for good dental hygiene, and then after a good dentist visit, a reward is offered. Children will remember and hopefully, will continue to attend the dentist.

I hope these tips help you to make a dentist trip drama-free.