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Making Your Home Safe For The Family Pet

A pet is a wonderful addition to any family. It can help to improve your child’s development and encourage them to be more sociable. It’s also good for their immune system as well as teaching them the responsibility of looking after a pet from a young age.

Losing a family pet is a nightmare situation. They soon become an important part of the family and if they go missing, it will be devastating for you all. The need to keep it on a lead while you’re outside is obvious, but lots of people lose pets from the garden because they don’t take enough precautions to keep them safe. If you’re getting a new pet, make these preparations outside before they move in.

Secure Borders

The biggest danger to pets in the garden is gaps that they can escape from. Animals are naturally curious so if there’s a way that they can get outside, they’re going to take it. Make sure that you’ve got good quality fencing all the way round. If you buy cheap stuff, it’ll come down in the wind and your pets will get out. You should also remember that animals can climb. If the fencing is too short, or there are things that they can climb up, they’ll still find a way out. When you’re putting the fences in, dig them fairly deep into the lawn. Otherwise, dogs will just dig under and get out.

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When you’ve got a pet running around in the garden, you need to be very careful about the kinds of plants that you’re putting in. There’s a huge amount of plants that are toxic to cats and dogs, and they’re going to root around and eat them if they’re there. They can cause all sorts of problems, including allergies. Make sure you look at a list of all of the dangerous plants and avoid them at all costs. Don’t forget about the plants that are already there either. Have a good look around and make sure you’ve removed any dangerous ones. Do regular checks of the garden to keep a check on anything new that might have popped up. Here’s a handy list of safe plants for cats too!


It’s healthy for animals to spend time outside regularly. Being cooped up inside all of the time can affect their development so it’s important that they get out and about. In the summer, it’s not that much of a problem because they can go in and out as they please. However, when it’s raining, they might not want to go out as much. That’s why it’s a good idea to provide some shelter for them. That way they can still reap the benefits of playing outside, even when the weather is awful. For cat owners, your pet does not necessarily need to go outside, but be sure you have a cat tree that provides a place to hide, sleep, and play.

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Give Them Space

Walking dogs regularly is vital, but when you’re living a hectic lifestyle, you don’t always have the time to walk them for as long as they like. If they aren’t getting enough exercise it can seriously affect their health. Make sure there’s enough space in the garden for them to run around as much as they like so they stay in good shape.

If you don’t have space in your garden, then maybe consider rethinking your decision to get a pet because it may impact their health.