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Useful Parenting Advice for New Moms

Sometimes, experiencing new things can be quite stressful, especially when that new thing is a tiny little human you’ve made! Being a new mom can be scary, but just because you’re worried you’re not taking good enough care of you baby. Plus, you’ll be exhausted, in need of sleep, and a peaceful meal. But, eventually, you’ll get a hold of things and enjoy motherhood like you’ve never enjoyed anything else in the world. So, until you figure things out, here are some of the tips you can use.

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Move it, move it

Many newborns experience discomfort and pain in the stomach, which will make them cry, sometimes even for hours. This occurrence (commonly known as colic) usually affects babies during the night. To help reduce the pain and discomfort, you can lie your baby on the back and slowly start moving his legs like he’s riding a bicycle. This motion usually eases out the gas and calls the baby.

Perfect bath temperature on the first try

New mothers are usually worried that the bath temperature is not suitable for their precious ones, so here’s how to check whether you’re right or wrong. Place your elbow in the water, and if the water is either hot or cold, you should adjust. The best temperature would be somewhere between warm and hot, so if you feel a comfortable sensation on your elbow, your baby will love the temperature as well.

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Use helpful appliances

You might think you’ll spend your whole day cuddling with your baby, but actually, you’ll also need to clean up after them, feed them, change diapers, discipline, clean and feed some more. So, make the best use of your home appliances that can help you with your chores. Many parents consider the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer to be their best friends, so put them to work. And don’t be embarrassed to ask your family and friends for help!

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Stay hydrated

Especially if you’re nursing, you’re going to be thirsty, so bring a water bottle everywhere you go. You can even get a cup holder for your stroller and always have something to quench your thirst at hand. It might look silly, but who cares. It works perfectly!

De-clutter the nursery

Babies require many things, which can sometimes leave a messy chaos in the nursery. To avoid any accidents, slips, and trips, try to de-clutter the space as much as possible. You can use different storage solutions such as the Angus & Dudley Collections kids laundry hamper, baskets, or shelves. When the floor is toy and clothes-free, both your baby and you will be safer.

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Get into baby wearing

Baby wearing is super trendy today, and for all the right reasons. It can literally save your sanity is some situations. Many studies show that babies in carriers or slings cry less than babies set in baby seats. Also, when you wear your child you develop a deeper connection, especially if you practice skin-to-skin wraps. This releases oxytocin which battles postpartum depression and increases milk production. Plus, baby wearing is just a much easier way to carry your child. Your hands are free, so you can read a book, go shopping and even do some easy chores.

Skip the books if you can

Better stay away from parenting books and uneducated people’s advice. If you don’t see that as a possibility, take everything you read with a grain of salt. You must remember every baby is different and unique, and not everyone fits into the mold some books describe, and that doesn’t mean your baby’s not perfectly healthy and normal.

One final piece of advice is to enjoy every second you spend with your baby and record as many precious moments as you can because even though it sounds like a cliché, they grow up so fast.