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Guest Post: Five Ways To Make Your Small Spaces Cleaner!

One might think that smaller spaces are much easier to clean and keep tidy, but I assure you the task is much harder than you’d assume. It only takes a pile of clothes or an extra disposable box to make you feel like space is depleted.

Five Ways To Make Your Small Spaces Cleaner!

You can create the feeling of a rather wide and tidy space by using the following methods:

  1. Make Storage Containers Your BFF!

That’s right. Storage containers are your new BFF! Generally, people complain that storage containers take up all the space in an already small place, but it is important to understand that without containers you’ll quickly end up stacking piles of clothes and stuff and you definitely don’t want that tiny apartment all crammed up. I bet storage containers would prove much less overwhelming, compared to unsorted piles.

  1. Use The Walls:

Another tricky way of using up the spaces is getting creative with the walls. Think vertical! Consider buying wall hangings for small things like papers, needles, scissors and other handy tools. Or getting wall racks to sort those extra fiction books you cannot get enough of! Better yet, make them yourselves. Bulletin boards are great for reminders, magnetic boards for keeping your eye shadows on display and handy. The options are endless! There are all sorts of DIY tutorials for homemade containers, storage units, and racks over the internet. Personalize everything and see how you fall in love with your self-created tiny heaven.

  1. Built-in Storage:

Another way of getting creative with the storage is by buying furniture that has inbuilt storage space. For example, cabinets built under the bed are a great way of saving space where you can keep your pajamas and what not. If your bed is high enough, get under-the-bed bins to keep excess clothing. Your new bedside table could prove an important decision, should you choose one with drawers. This will help you keep that plethora of tiny things and tools you just don’t know where to put. You can turn a trunk into beautiful sitting space by attaching an appropriately sized cushion on top of it, while you stuff it with those childhood mementos you don’t have the heart to throw out.

  1. Go, Minimalist:

This is an interesting modern age theory. Consider getting rid of things that you don’t use on at least weekly basis because you clearly don’t need them. I don’t mean the useful stuff, but that fancy lamp in the corner of your room that is just not required. Those things are taking up space! Instead, add an indoor plant. It will give your place those fresh vibes.

  1. Time it:

That’s right. You can do a little work each day by simply assigning time to the tasks at hand. Mondays, you vacuum. Tuesdays, you sort the desk, Wednesdays; you clear the kitchen cabinet; so on and so forth. Even on a given day, set a timer and try to get things done in time. You’ll be surprised by how clean your apartment would suddenly feel.

Also, for the home maintenance, there are few gadgets that are must have. These important gadgets include a hybrid saw, a tile cutter, a vacuum cleaner and different sorts of hammer.

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