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Common Household Issues We Could All Do Without

Wouldn’t we all like to have that show-home? Where everything is immaculate and it is all clean and tidy? The home where there is no evidence of children unless they are seen? No toys piled up to the ceiling. While, of course, on the exterior these homes look great, but would you really call that sort of house a home? Where there is no cosiness or lived in feeling? However, while we all like the idea of a house actually being a home, I am sure that there are certain aspects of the show-home we would like to incorporate a little. There are common household issues I am sure we would all like less of. Here are some of them with some tips to help you deal with them.

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Common Household Issues We Could All Do Without

The stinky dishwasher or washing machine

There is nothing worse than washing your dishes in a dirty dishwasher or your clothes in a stinky machine. But this can be a real common problem many households face. The reason why? It is because we don’t tend to clean the appliances that clean for us. Does that make any sense? However, they can be easily cleaned with the use of white vinegar and bicarbonate soda. Or head to your local store for a dedicated cleaning product for the job.

The blocked up drain

It’s never pleasant when you have a blocked drain somewhere. Whether it is the kitchen or the bathroom, which is common for anyone who has long hair, it can always be a bit of an issue. Often the first indication is the smell. This can be particularly poignant around your bathroom, sinks or toilet areas. The kitchen seems to be the most common place for a blocked drain. This can become blocked due to food being washed through your sink everyday. Oils can expand and some food can get caught inside bends in the drain network. Another common area is the bath or shower, mainly due to people who have long hair that clogs up the plug.

Carpet stains

No matter how clean and tidy you are, your carpet can become stained for all kinds of reasons. If you have children you will know what I mean. But it can also be common due to people walking through their homes with shoes on. Spilt drinks, trodden in food. The types of stains are truly endless in a family home. You can easily eliminate stains on your carpet by using a sponge that has been dampened with a solution made up of one part white vinegar to two parts water. That will be I tip I am sure you will pass on.

Built up pet hair

If you own a pet, you will know the perils of pet hair. More so than anyone else, I imagine. It can get everywhere. But if you don’t have the latest Dyson or state of the are vacuum then what do you do? Apart from encourage the family pooch to not jump all over the furniture or on the carpets, you simply need to run a window squeegee along your carpet and it miraculously brings it up.

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So there you have it, the common household issues and a few tips to resolve them. You’re welcome!