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Don’t Move, Improve! Changes To Make When You Can’t Afford To Move

With the cost of moving house rising thanks to the likes of stamp duty and legal fees, it’s putting more and more people off moving home. Instead, they are looking to improve the home that they do have, so that value can be added. Then if they do choose to move at a later date, they at least know that they will be getting value for money. So if this sounds like you, and you’re wanting to have a slightly bigger home or want to make some changes, without the cost of moving, then read on. Hopefully, these tips will inspire.

Don't Move, Improve! Changes To Make When You Can't Afford To Move

Declutter Your Home

We can all get bored of the same old things in our home. Even the same furniture after a while can become a little dull. So from time to time, having a clear out of our home can be a good way to make it feel like new again. You don’t have to throw everything away necessarily, though. You could sell anything in good condition or even look for a local self storage unit to keep everything until you know what you want to use it for. You never know, once you’ve had a declutter, it could give you some inspiration to rearrange your home or style it in a different way.

Add an Extension

If you are a homeowner, then being able to shift around your mortgage, and possibly remortgage to afford an extension, could be a way to go. Adding floor space, as well as things like a bedroom, can be a sure-fire way to add value to your home. Even something like a conservatory, which is often a cheaper option can get you your money back. So extensions really are a good investment. Speak to a few people about quotes, though, as they can vary widely.

Fix Up Your Home

If you’ve worked out that moving somewhere new is going to cost too much, how about making the home you have looking like new? It could be as simple as repainting each room, to having some walls replastered or getting a roof repaired. You just want to think about what it needs doing, and then simply doing it. It won’t cost as much as moving and will give your home a whole new lease of life.

Don't Move, Improve! Changes To Make When You Can't Afford To Move

Get Your Kitchen and Bathroom Up To Scratch

Your kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms in the home that can get outdated quite quickly. The styles can fade and then they can just look ‘old,’ if that makes any sense? So doing up your kitchen and bathroom can be a good way to give your home a new look and make it feel modern and new. So think when your kitchen and bathroom were last updated? Sometimes it may just be the case of replacing tiles or painting units, rather than changing everything. But it will make a big difference and give you some new found love for your home.

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Have you done any of these before instead of moving home? Would love to hear what you think!