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Easy Ways to Make Your Garden More Private

A garden is one of the most valuable additions to a home, and it is at the top of most wish lists when it comes to house hunting. And while having a large garden is amazing, especially in an urban environment, sometimes they do tend to lack privacy.

Easy Ways to Make Your Garden More Private

Tall surrounding buildings and neighboring gardens with low fences can make you feel like you are on display, and that isn’t a pleasant feeling for anyone. Luckily, there are plenty of stylish and appropriate ways to shield yourself from prying eyes and make your garden more private.

Go green

The best possible way to gain some privacy while still keeping the organic feeling of the garden is to use nature as your wall. Some options will give you instant results, for example, buying large potted plants that you will place in a single row along the edge of your garden, while other options take some time – but they are completely worth it.

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For example, setting up a wide-spread wire fence along the edges of your property and planting a durable, high-density vine that will grow along the wire will give you a completely natural green wall in just a few short years. You can combine the two and have the potted plants act as a wall until the vines grow tall enough to serve the purpose.


Another great way to imitate a wall without actually building one is to use different kinds of panels and fences to surround your garden. A popular choice is wood. Simple wood pallets can be stacked up and decorated to give a sense of complete privacy, while keeping the natural look by planting flowers and moss in the gaps of the pallets, or giving it a Scandinavian, modern look by painting them white.

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Another wood option is bamboo panels, which are very durable and will give your yard a slightly tropical ambiance. A trend that has recently been gaining in popularity are semi-sheer panels which are most often combined with some natural element to create a barrier. These can be muted glass or even glass mosaics, and they are a great option if you don’t want to cut off the natural light that comes into your garden.

Curtains and tents

If you want to occasionally have an enclosed space, but retain the option to have it completely open, and if you also want to have overhead coverage, then curtains and tents are the way to go. When I moved to a warmer climate, I realized that there is no way I can spend time outside without some sort of cover over my head, so I found Malibu Shade sails in Sydney and created a pleasant atmosphere for spending time outside.

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You can also consider building a tall wooden frame for your patio and attaching curtains. This gentle, airy solution will make you feel like you are in an expensive resort every time you are lounging in your garden.

If you are working on the border of your property, or on a line that divides your garden from your neighbor’s, make sure you are consulting them on all of the decisions, because that fence will become a part of their garden as well.

If they disagree with something you want to make, propose moving your wall deeper into your property and leaving them space to create whichever type of divider they want on the other side. Now, you can enjoy your outer space and relax without any concerns that you are being watched.