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Best Ways to Pass Time While Travelling for Long Hours

Some people say that getting from point A to point B is the best part of traveling, while others claim it’s the exact opposite. And while the mode of transportation, the length of the journey and whether or not you are in good company can all determine how pleasant journey will be, it’s never a bad thing to have a few tricks up your sleeve to make any long journey more pleasant. 

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Start a conversation

If you are traveling alone, the best way to pass the time and have fun is to meet the people around you. Now, this can be tricky, especially if you are on a long journey with pre-assigned seats because if the conversation goes south, you have nowhere to run. To avoid this, don’t talk about subjects that might be offensive, at least until you find out where the person stands on the subject.

Good topics to talk about are cultural differences, food, movies and music and all other lighthearted subjects. You never know whether the person you are sitting next to is your new best friend, so why not give it a go? Make sure you never give away any private information until you know the person well enough and if you want to end the conversation, say you’re tired, put your earbuds in and turn to the other side.

Use the time productively

The time you are spending on a train or a plane doesn’t have to amount to just “wasted” hours. You are sitting there with very few distractions and not much to do, so why not use that time to do something useful? If you are a student, bring a book and study for your next exam, or if you are in a situation where you can use your computer, get some work done or start planning your next project.

You can also use the time to give some love to a hobby you have left in the dust, like writing a journal, drawing, knitting or solving a Rubik’s cube. If nothing else, you can use the time to plan out your trip once you arrive at your destination and learn more about the place you are traveling to.

Make sure you are not bored

The best thing you can do to make your travel time more comfortable is to prepare in advance. Some planes and even trains provide onboard entertainment like movies and music, but not every company has that, and you never know whether or not you will like the selection they offer. You could use your device to play puzzle, strategy, or bike games to pass the time and keep you engaged with something to do.

So, bring a book to read, download a movie or a series of your favorite show. Use the time to get familiar with your favorite band’s new album or download a podcast to listen to. Electronic devices can be tricky and you will want to make sure that everything is as convenient as possible. You should go for quality in ear headphones if you are planning on watching a movie on your laptop or tablet.

When it comes to traveling, you really just have to accept that getting to your destination takes time, and to embrace the good old “It’s not about the destination”.

A lot of people make their entire trip revolve around the journey, only staying at their destination for a short time as a reward, so it’s clear that there is something exciting and beautiful in any journey, and we should all learn how to make the most of it.