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Live Forever: Leaving a Legacy For Your Kids

If there’s one thing that becoming a parent does for you, it’s teach you how to live in the moment.

Kids only operate in the present tense, and you also get swept up in the day to days tasks, struggle and joy of parenting. At the same time, it must be said that every father feels a small taste of immortality when they look into their son or daughter’s eyes.

Knowing you are contributing to the development of a little human, who will hopefully one day think of you fondly when you’re no longer here,puts the spotlight on posterity in a whole new way.

Suddenly you start to consider what impact you want to have had, and want you want to leave behind and it can all be a little overwhelming. A bit of clarity and time to think is the answer. Here’s what to consider:

Live Forever Leaving a Legacy For Your Kids

Teach them to pursue passion

The animating force in life is passion- finding what really drives you to succeed and embracing that. The ideas that inspire you and the magic that happens when you find your flow in life is a fantastic gift to give your children. Watching you give commitment to your passions will make sure that they want to find their own – and that’s a huge bonus as they get older.

Secure their futures

Being a good parent is so much more than just providing financially, but it’s undeniable that being able to pass on the fruits of a wise investment plan is a big security to your children – and, if you’re careful, you can still achieve this even if you’re a low-earner. Working with a professional wealth management firm like Partridge Muir & Warren can help you maximise your choices for the best returns. What you’re really giving your kids, whatever amount you pass you, is a freedom to make choices in life they may not otherwise have been able to make, and that has a value way beyond money.

Give them compassion

The ability to empathise with and support others is one that will only ever enrich your children’s lives, so leave a legacy of compassion early on, and it will last them for years to come. Let your children see you volunteering, giving back in your community and mentoring those who need it. An organisation like Do It, who list volunteering opportunities across the UK.

Connect with the earth

Being responsible for our environment is a beautiful trait, and helping your kids to feel connected to nature will give them a deep source of solace in good times and bad. Even something as simple as taking nature walks or planting a tree or a small herb garden together will give them the beginnings of that love and respect for the natural world around them.

Leaving a legacy involves deciding on the values that give you a happy and purposeful life and pursuing them to the fullest. Not only will this fill your life with joy, it will help your young family to realise their own potential. Lead by example and your values will live on.