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Environmental Gardening Hacks That Will Have You Seeing Green

Greening the entire house should be every eco-warrior’s aim. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day and the journey of a thousand steps starts with a single step, so on and so forth. Frankly, taking on too much at once is a sure-fire way to get frustrated and give up. And, who wins then? Not you because the house wastes energy and money. Not the planet, either, because CO2 emissions continue to harm the environment. One of the best places to begin is in the garden, even in winter. A few simple tips can transform the Great Outdoors into an energy-saving haven.

These are the tips which will make it happen.

Environmental Gardening Hacks That Will Have You Seeing Green

Attract The Right Pests

Gardeners see all creepy crawlies as pests because they aren’t subtle. Still, some are essential to the preservation of the ecosystem. Well, every animal is, but some more than others concerning the planet. Ladybirds, spiders and bees are examples of helpful critters. Bees, as you probably know, pollinate other plants and flowers and help increase the levels of oxygen in the air. Ladybirds and spiders, on the other hand, eat the pests which threaten the bees’ livelihood. Garden World has an excellent feature which allows you ask and read through tips on how to deal with pests organically. If you are in doubt, remember that any chemical is bound to be bad for the garden.

Plant Companions Together

Plants and flowers are essential to the environment. Not only do they produce O2, but they are the beginning of a delicate food chain. Without them, nothing would live or grow. Keeping them alive is crucial, then, which is why companion planting is a nifty trick. Basically, the key is to use another plant or flower to aid the growth of others. For example, a specific one may ward away insects because it gives off a strong smell. Others may grow taller, which offers shade and shelter. In autumn and winter, a shelter is vital to survival. Some combinations which work well are chives and tomatoes, as well as rose and garlic. If you are unsure, Earth 911 has plenty of advice.

Environmental Gardening Hacks That Will Have You Seeing Green

Start A Compost Site

The term site is a little misleading because it doesn’t have to be an area of the garden. Typically, a bin will suffice. What is important is that you use compost for the benefit of the garden and Mother Earth. Of course, manure, which is mostly what it is, has a range of nutrients that aid growth. By adding it to the soil, the results are more likely to be positive than negative. Also, compost helps save water consumption because plants don’t need as much H2O. The mixture has plenty. From an environmental standpoint, a compost bin is akin to recycling. In simple terms, you take things which you would usually throw away and reuse them further down the line. Aside from reducing waste, it also saves landfill space.

Blue fingers are standard at this time of year, but these tips will have you seeing green.