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5 Perfect Gifts for Busy Working Moms

We all have a woman in our life that is busy working, raising a family and inspiring all around her with her strength and fortitude. Although we love and appreciate them, when the time comes to show that appreciation, things can get tricky. Nowadays, there are too many options out there and most of us just buy what we need, but finding a perfect gift that will show your affection is still possible. We have a few suggestions that will be perfect for a busy working mom, and not just because they will fit her needs but also because they will, without a doubt, be gifted with love.

5 Perfect Gifts for Busy Working Moms


If you want to get something special for your special lady –  get her jewellery. It is something gifted only to the closest people in our lives and it says a lot about the thought that went into buying it. All women love wearing jewellery, so you should spy on her style and choose the right piece. It should definitely be something special she can wear for a special occasion. Buying something like this is a great choice because it will remind her that to you, she is a woman first, not just a mother. Putting on this simple piece of jewellery can help her get in touch with her true self and let go of the daily hassles.

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A nice bag

If there is one thing a woman will never leave her home without, it’s definitely her bag. They are practical but also a fashion statement. They can get pretty pricey and most women have that special bag on their wish list, waiting for the perfect time to buy it. So, have this in mind the next time you are trying to come up with a perfect gift. Choosing a bag will not be easy, you will have to determine her style, pick up on hints and do extensive research. However, it will all be worth it once you see the smile on her face when she opens the present.

5 Perfect Gifts for Busy Working Moms - Nice Bag

A coffee maker

Making your own cup of coffee in a fancy coffee maker can be a great ritual for unwinding and recharging. Women who spend a better part of their day in an office and go back home to resume the duties of a mother and wife definitely need to unwind from time to time. By buying her a nice coffee maker, you will make sure she finds the time for herself, and she will also think about you whenever she uses it. A fancy Bodum coffee maker is the perfect gift for every coffee lover as it elevates the simple act of preparing a cup of coffee to a whole new level.

A spa day

Spending some time alone in a nice spa will make any woman feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Plan out a day just for her. Take charge of kids and let her relax and enjoy a massage, or lay by the pool in peace. This can be a great gift for the whole family. She will spend some time relaxing, you will get to spend some quality time with your kids, and the kids will see it all as an adventure. By the end of the day you will all appreciate spending time together and be ready to go on as usual, just happier and more relaxed.

5 Perfect Gifts for Busy Working Moms - 2

A special day for two

Having a day for herself is nice, but if you can manage to find a reliable babysitter, planning out a special day for the two of you will be even nicer. Keeping the passion alive takes some work once you have kids but that particular type of work can be a lot of fun. You know her better than anyone, you know what she loves, and you can use that knowledge to plan the perfect night. It can be a fancy dinner, dancing, getaway – you know best. Make her forget about responsibilities for the night and just have fun together like you used to do.