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How does the Colour of your Nursery Affect your Baby’s Mood?

While all parents-to-be tend to get overly excited about getting everything ready for the new baby (particularly the moms), they tend to overdo it a bit. Your newborn does not yet have a sense of style and is completely relying on its basic instincts and environmental stimuli. This is why you need to pay attention and try to imagine what it will be like for the baby.

How does the Color of the Nursery Affect Your Baby's Mood

Busy colours equal busy room

While it is fun to watch a vigorous child jump up and down and chuck toys around, no one would say that it is equally good for a young baby. If your nursery is bursting with colours, there are chances your baby will be overly stimulated and excited. However, as good as it may sound, a nursery is a place where you need the child to relax. They have limited options when it comes to communication so the chances are that you will have to deal with a lot of crying when trying to put your baby to bed in a room with too much going on.

Baby boys

Looking at the way we traditionally divide colours based on gender, and the most popular colour choices in this group, we are dealing with 50 shades of blue. Blue is still the most popular colour for a boy’s nursery combined with white, pale or dark wood and grey. Often you will notice hues that are somewhere between blue and grey, as well as mint. The shades usually used are neutral or cool. Both of these are a good option for your baby. Blue is associated with calmness and positive energy. The best choice for the nursery in this range is light blue or mint as it helps restless babies to fall asleep.

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Baby girls

Girls have generally been awarded a greater colour choice. Some of the most popular colours being pink and purple. Now, pink is a warm colour and thus is considered to be energizing. Using a pale hue or something in lines of blush will ensure that your child derives the warmth from the room but still sleeps tight. On the other hand, purple is a cool colour and it is meant to have a thoughtful and calming effect, but only if it is light e.g. lavender, as all bright colours tend to energize the baby.

Gender neutral

Professional painters see green as an ultimate gender neutral colour, with one of the best effects you can hope for a colour to have on your child. It feels natural, improves focus and helps slow down a busy mind. Yellow is probably a colour you should keep for a later date and a play area as it may be too cheery for someone trying to sleep. Orange is an excellent warm accent colour meaning that it really should be combined with neutrals as a lot of it could make your baby ‘chatty’. Red is a big no-no in a nursery unless you use it to accentuate certain details. Using an earthly hue may be the best.

Neutral neutrals

These are the colours you usually use to tone down the effect of other, more vigorous ones. These include white, black, grey, beige and brown and all of their hues. As stated above, light hues are a general preference so be careful with black and brown and don’t make a room too gloomy. All-neutral nurseries are relaxing but could be a bit dull. Select one of the previously mentioned colours to spice it up a bit.

This time of anticipation is the happiest of your life. Making the right choices will make your new-born satisfied. It can also help you make a smooth transition between your lifestyle now, and the one you will have after the baby comes. Hopefully, it will give you all a piece of mind and a number of peaceful nights.