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Guest Post: 6 Facts About Arthritis That Will Make You Understand This Condition Better

Joint pain is not something that you want to joke about. It’s a serious symptom that causes many difficulties in one’s life. In most cases, it is arthritis that is causing this annoying joint pain, accompanied by other symptoms as well.

6 Facts About Arthritis That Will Make You Understand This Condition Better - knee pain

And unfortunately, there are many new arthritis cases each year. So what we want to focus on in today’s article is arthritis itself. But not in a boring way, we want to share 6 fascinating facts about Arthritis that aim to draw your attention and soon enough you will know more about this condition. The aim of this article is not only to inform you but most importantly to raise awareness on the topic of arthritis!

Arthritis is one of the most common health issues right now

More than 50 million adults in the world right now are dealing with the signs and symptoms of joint pain. Of these 50 million, 1 in 4 is no older than 18. But that’s not all. Over 300,000 babies and children have been diagnosed with arthritis. That’s 1 in 250 children.

Now can you understand how dangerously common this diagnosis really is? Being as common as it is, arthritis also creates a lot of economy disturbances since a lot of money is spent treating this disease as well as researching it and finding a cure that would work. As you may now, until today, there is still not a cure available that can be used in the fight against arthritis. This makes treating it a lot harder.

Arthritis is the nation’s number 1 cause of disability

Joint pain is the most characteristic symptom caused by arthritis. This is also a symptom that causes a certain decrease in the range of motion in the affected joints. Think about it – normally when something hurts, for example, your leg, you try to avoid any movements that can make this pain even worse, right? Well, that is what happens as a result of arthritis as well.

If it is left untreated, arthritis will get to the point where you are no longer able to move any part of the affected joint and body parts without feeling the severe pain that leads to disability.

6 Facts About Arthritis That Will Make You Understand This Condition Better - Arthritis

Arthritis is more likely to occur among people who are dealing with other chronic diseases

Are you suffering from any chronic disease like high cholesterol, heart problems, hypertension or diabetes? Because arthritis seems to be more common among people who are suffering from a chronic disease. For example, 49% of the patients with heart disease of any kind are diagnosed with arthritis as well.

This includes the patients with diabetes, since 47% of patients with diabetes have arthritis. Then we have the patients with hypertension or 44% of them to be exact who suffer from arthritis as well. This leads to the conclusion that patients diagnosed with chronic diseases are more likely to develop arthritis at some point in their life.

There are over 100 different types of Arthritis

Yes, you read that right – currently, the doctors are aware of the existence of over 100 different types of arthritis. The different types all have different characteristics. All of them affect the joints, some of the affect them symmetrical – on the same body part at both side of the body, and some of them do not. Some of them affect only one joint, and some of them affect more than one joint at a time.

All of them cause joint pain, swelling, inflammation, decreased range of motion in the affected joints and evidently lead to disability. Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis are perhaps the most common types of arthritis today. Then we also have Ankylosing Spondylitis, Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic arthritis and Gout for example.

Obesity increases the risk of Arthritis

Being overweight will increase the risk of diabetes, hypertension, heart problems and cholesterol problems. It will also increase your risk for arthritis as well, especially for Osteoarthritis. You see, carrying around extra weight really puts the pressure on your joints, especially on the knee joints and ankles. This can very easily lead to arthritis. It would be for the best to consult your doctor on the best ways that you can use to lose that unwanted body weight and enjoy in a more healthier life without any health risks that obesity exposes you and your body too.

You can get some pain relief with the right diet

Eating right to fight obesity is one thing, but eating right to fight arthritis is another. What we want to focus on here is the importance of the Medditerian diet that is filled with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and carbohydrates that come in the form of fruits, vegetables, and seafood! It turns out that there is a long list of the best anti-inflammatory foods whose help you can use in your fight against arthritis!

This list includes foods like broccoli, cabbage, tuna, salmon, garlic, turmeric, oranges, lemons, spinach, almonds, cherries, tomatoes and so on. Omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to own effective fighting powers against arthritis and so does Vitamin C! So why not reconsider the way that you eat and try to include more of these anti-inflammatory foods in your diet? Plus, it won’t hurt to eat a bit healthier will it?


Arthritis is one of the major health issues that we have to deal with today. It is right there with cancer and heart disease. And yes, it is just as dangerous. This difficult condition has an unknown cause behind it. This, in a combination with the unfound cure, makes arthritis such a difficult condition to manage. And that is why we are here today. We believe that more awareness on this topic would help prevent this condition in the first place. And that is what our article today was meant to do – raise the awareness on the topic of arthritis by offering 6 interesting facts. Today, we discussed the prevalence of arthritis as well as the economic burden that it creates.

We also mentioned the risk that obesity poses in reference to arthritis. Are you suffering from any chronic diseases like diabetes, heart problems or hypertension? Then you need to reconsider taking on some prevention steps like managing your diet, taking joint supplements like Flexoplex and exercising more. But beware – always read the reviews, in this case, the Flexoplex reviews available online, to make sure that you are not intaking anything dangerous in your body. We do hope that this article succeeded in what it was meant to do – inform you by a more interesting way, although we are talking about a dangerous condition like arthritis.

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6 Facts About Arthritis That Will Make You Understand This Condition Better