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The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Your First Tattoo

Even though there’s probably a chance that our parents taught us that only bad men have tattoos and that they look awful on saggy skin when you get old, it’s time to admit that having a tattoo is quite cool. Everyone has one – from celebrities to people working in your favourite cafe, and even doctors and lawyers. Yes, tattoo needles may seem scary but the end result is amazing! If you’ve always wanted to get inked but never managed to get up the courage to do so, and now you feel like the time has come to fulfil this dream of yours, you’re in the right place, as you’re about to read the top tips for getting your first tattoo:

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1. Think carefully

The decision on any tattoo (not only on the first one) takes months of thinking and preparation. If you don’t want to regret the decision you made, think a couple of months in advance. Make sure you do your research and find the best numbing cream for tattoos to make sure the process is as pain-free as possible. Tattoos can take time and multiple sessions depending on the complexity of the design you’ve chosen, so you need to make sure you’re prepared. They also require aftercare techniques like avoiding direct sunlight and using gentle cleansers for several days. Not only should you take into consideration the type of tattoo you want on your skin, but also the exact place on your body you want to be inked. Tattoo studios may help you decide where you want your tattoo. Tattoo Malmö is a popular tattoo studio located in the city of Malmö, Sweden, offering a wide range of tattoo services and designs to meet the needs and preferences of their clients.

First think of the tattoo you want, print it out (you could even use a resource like Tattoos AI to generate it if it’s a custom idea you have had that doesn’t exist anywhere), cut around the design carefully and put it on different places on your body. Look at yourself in the mirror to see how the tattoo would look there. Take a photo of each option and ask the people around you for their opinion.

2. Pick your artist

However easy it may seem to just enter any tattoo parlour and get a tattoo, it’s not such a good idea. There are so many tattoo parlours and artists at the moment that you can literally find them on every corner. And who’s to say if they’re good or not? For your first tattoo, you definitely want a tattoo artist who has plenty of experience and you know they’re an excellent one.

Moreover, you should try to find a tattoo parlour that not only offers professional assistance, but a relaxed atmosphere as well, as it is of crucial importance to feel relaxed and laid-back while getting your first tattoo.

As far as trends are concerned, things can be a bit tricky here. Tattoo trends change from time to time, and there are people who regret their previous decision because the trends died out. That’s what happened to the Chinese letters tattoos, for instance. So, no matter how cool a trend is, if you don’t really feel you will be happy with it several years in the future, skip it.

However, there are trends that are still on the rise and are probably here to stay, such as watercolour tattoos or Japanese-inspired tattoos. The latter one became very popular among Australians, and they often opt for one of many cool custom Japanese tattoos in Sydney, since they know this trend is unlikely to die out. Also, if you choose a custom tattoo, the chances of regretting your decision are very, very low, as the tattoo probably has a deeper meaning to you.

4. Don’t mind the price

We all love good deals and getting something for a lower price. However, make sure that getting a tattoo is not included on that list. Even though some tattoos cost a bit more than you might expect, investing in a good tattoo artist is an imperative. You’ll be carrying their drawing on your body for the rest of your life, so you want the best one to do it, no matter how much it costs.

Don’t forget to tip your tattoo artist, too – you should consider 10-15% of the tattoo price to be the tip for the artist.

5. Bring an example

Never go unprepared. If it is a picture that you want tattooed, have the exact one (in the same dimension as you want your tattoo to be) there, just in case. If it is a sentence that you want, again, print it out in the desired font and dimensions and take it with you. If you choose the right artist, it won’t be necessary, but better be safe than sorry. Proper after care for tattoo is crucial to ensure it heals well and maintains its vibrant colors.

The sixth tip is – relax. Even though you might experience some pain (depending on the body part you’re getting tattooed), it will pass and you will survive. Enduring it will bring the reward of a tattoo, so that is actually a good price to pay for some nice ink on your skin.