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5 Home Maintenance Tips

It’s easy to forget about home maintenance. It’s not a very pleasant chore, and you’re often just repairing smaller items without a noticeable result. However, if it’s put off for too long, small household problems tend to pile up and multiply, which might end up costing you quite a lot of money and time.

5 Home Maintenance Tips

The best way to go about it is to compile a small home maintenance list and designate a day or a weekend during which you’ll get everything done. Do this every couple of months and your home will be fine.

The yard

It’s best to start your maintenance work in the yard. This is usually the most overlooked part of the home, and most of the work is seasonal, meaning that you only need to deal with it a couple of times a year. It’s best to finish it before winter, because low temperatures can cause damage to your home if it’s not taken care of.

Remove the leaves from the gutters and rake them into piles. Drain all the exterior plumbing, such as pumps and fountains. Clean and inspect outside doors if you plan on locking the shed for the winter. If you can hear the sounds of raccoons fighting near your bins, you may also want to ensure your waste area is cleaned and tidied to reduce the chances of a raccoon moving in.

5 Home Maintenance Tips - The yard


Every once in a while you should check your heating and the electric appliances for damage, and even if you don’t find any, there are a few things you could do to expand their lifespan. This applies to all appliances, but you should start from the big ones and work your way to the small ones.

For instance, if your refrigerator has a water dispenser (for making ice) you need to replace the filter every six months. Washers and driers usually need to be maintained in the same way as well.

5 Home Maintenance Tips - Appliances

Air conditioning

Depending on the size of your home and the area you live in, you’ll need to check up on your AC unit a couple of times a year. This is a fairly simple task and you can get it done in one afternoon. However, if you haven’t checked it in a while, you might want to let a professional for air conditioning at Five Docks take a look at it.

The first thing to do is to clean the condenser. After you’ve done that, you need to clean the indoor unit as well. All of this is done only when the AC is off.

The attic

Problems with the attic can prove to be very complicated and expensive to deal with. This can be prevented by dealing with issues as soon as you notice them, and doing regular checkups – twice a year is a good idea.

The most important thing is to keep the attic well-insulated, and deal with leaks immediately. The same thing goes for noticing mold in the corners, either by sight or by using a mold test. These are signs that you need to call a professional.

5 Home Maintenance Tips - The attic

The tools needed

Most of these checkups and repairs are pretty simple and they can be done by someone who isn’t a professional but is relatively handy. Most of the tools you’re going to need are for your own safety: you’ll need a few safety goggles, a pair of glows, and a flashlight.

The tools you’re going to need for the actual repairs are pretty much garden tools every household has. A couple of screwdrivers, a hammer and pliers are all that you might need.

5 Home Maintenance Tips - The tools needed

Home maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long run. Deal with a few typical home repairs on time and you won’t even have to call professionals.