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10 Signs Showing that Your Blog Will Be Successful

Deciding to start a blog can be frustrating. You have to find a niche, come up with a name, and design it nicely; and not to mention all that competition…

10 Signs Your Blog Will be Successful - alex-kotliarskyi

Since Justin Hall created the first blog ever back in 1994, the number of blogs never stopped growing. Although we don’t have the exact number, we definitely know that it’s huge. For instance, according to Mediakix, there are more than 440 million blogs on WordPress, Tumblr and Squarespace alone. In reality, the total number of blogs exceeds this number.

Due to so much competition and hard work, some people either slow down their activity or completely give up on their blog. Sadly, some of them were actually on the right path.

And like everything else worth your time, building a successful blog requires a lot of work and even more patience. If you’re still worried about the future of your blog and you’re not completely sure if you want to continue or not, we’re here to help. Bellow, you can find a few clear indications that your blog is on the right track.

1. More pageviews per visit

Most bloggers are obsessed with statistics. And while a spike in traffic doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll surpass or even meet your goals – after all, 8 out of 10 visitors on your blog are first-timers, according to Compendium – it definitely isn’t a bad thing.

2. Your comment section is growing

Some comment sections are filled with ‘spammy’ comments and advertising bots. However, if you’ve recently seen an increase in thought-provoking, in-depth comments, it means you’re engaging your readers and that they are carefully reading your posts.

3. The “second day” phenomena

While we’re on the topic of comments, let’s talk about the so-called “second day” phenomena. You’ve aware that Hollywood usually judges a movie by how well it does on the second weekend of its release. Well, if some of your articles have received more attention the second day than the first, they are probably going to get a ton of shares and views in the future as well.

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4. The number of your subscribers is rising

If your subscriber base is growing – even slowly – you’re doing something right. You have to gradually gain your readers’ trust, so lower your expectations a bit. Plus, if you want to increase the number of your subscribers, follow the example of Facebook advertising guru, Jason Hornung, actively interact with them and post helpful content in addition to your posts.

5. You have more inbound links

Links are pretty important for any blog – they get you more traffic, improve your Google ranking and give you more brand recognition. The number of inbound links is also a good indicator of how well-known you are in your industry.

6. You’ve established yourself as an expert

People take blogs pretty seriously. They are now rated as the 5th most trusted source of information.  And your readers expect quality, valuable content on a regular basis. If you managed to satisfy their needs, and provide them with useful info, you’ve demonstrated your knowledge of your chosen niche.

10 Signs Your Blog Will be Successful

7. You’ve built a recognizable brand

If your blog is featured on different news sites from time to time or if people simply recognize you when you post on other people’s blogs, you’ve managed to build a small brand. This means people now associate your name – or the name of your blog – with quality.

8. Growing guest post requests

If other bloggers are constantly asking you to guest post on their blogs, it is safe to presume that other people respect your work and trust you enough to invite you to their blog. This only further helps you brand yourself as an expert in your niche and helps you connect with more reputable bloggers. Speaking of…

9. Expanding network of bloggers

One of the most important parts of blogging is networking. If your fellow bloggers are regularly commenting on your posts, sending you emails and, as we mentioned above, asking you to post on their blogs, your future is looking bright.

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10. More personal emails and DMs

While mentions in your Twitter feed are nice, direct messages from followers are the real deal. Furthermore, receiving more than a few personal emails and DMs after a post clearly shows that you’re reaching your target audience.

Final thoughts: Defining success

While the sings we listed above are a clear indication that your blog is on the way to success, you still need to define your future goals. The time’s perfect actually. 2018 is almost here, so setting some New Year’s resolutions would actually help you reach your goals.

Now, you have to clearly define your goals in order to attain them. Just ask yourself what do you want: some people want a certain number of visitors, others want more Twitter followers… Whatever the case may be, you need to define your success and decide what matters the most to you.