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Guest Post: Simple Ways to Protect Your Child from the Flu

This year has seen an increase in the number of reports of people who are affected by the flu. Sadly the majority are kids. It’s understandable since kids like to play outside with their friends. And the most common way in which flu get spread is by means of touch. The peculiarity of flu is that it’s highly contagious.

Guest Post Simple Ways to Protect Your Child from the Flu

Many use the term “flu” while they don’t know that the name is short for influenza. Flu is caused by influenza A or B virus. Many think that cold and flu are the same things. But they are vastly different. Even though both are caused by viruses, flu is much more dangerous than cold. Flu comes with fever and fatigue that makes even getting out of the bed a herculean task.

But we know that prevention is better than cure. And yes, you can take precautionary methods to protect your child from the flu.

Wash hands!

It is a very simple task, and you may wonder how it is going to stop a virus. After you kid comes home after playing outside and before he/she may eat something, make it a habit for them to wash their hands. Did you know that 80 percent of communicable diseases are transferred by touch! Washing hands does go a long way in terms of disease prevention and personal hygiene.

A flu shot never hurts!

Getting a flu shot before the flu season starts will help you defend against the virus. Don’t worry if you have missed it before the season, get it at the earliest and your kid will stay perfectly fine! Another advantage of getting a flu shot is that it will defend against various other harmful strains too.

Watch out for the symptoms

Common cold and flu will share same symptoms at first. But in the case of the flu, as the days go by, the symptoms will aggravate into more fatigue-inducing ones. It is a really bad idea if you wait around to see if it’s flu or cold before getting professional help. So the best thing is to do is get your child to a doctor as soon as the symptoms(Sneezing, Cough, stuffy nose) starts showing. Many doctors recommend getting diagnosed in the first two days as it is the best way to get the antivirals working.

Avoid Crowded Places

We Are not suggesting that your child should always be kept inside the house.But be extra careful for the flu season. Put mild restraint on common playgrounds and other scenarios where there is a lot of touch and interaction between the kids are involved. The reason is that crowded places tend to involve more touch and the atmosphere can have a higher concentration airborne germs.

But Do Not Skimp On His/Her Exercise

Exercises play a large part in getting the immune system to its full potential. So let them play outside or do their share of exercise for the day without constraints. Some people have a misconception that playing in the cold air will lead to their child getting infected with Cold. But the atmosphere temperature has nothing to do with it as germs are the culprits!

A Well Balanced Diet

The proper amount of veggies and proteins will give your child the energy to be active all day long. Consuming leafy and root vegetables will keep your child’s body ready to fight against illnesses. But this advice stands for all age groups. When you know its flu season, make an effort to consume healthy food. It will do wonders for your body and mind.

Take Precautions Yourself!

This is a real thing as parents can be the common carriers of germs to their children. Since your kid is in contact with you always, the germs can pass on with ease. So the precautionary methods aren’t just reserved for your kids. You will have to practice it yourselves as the first measure of keeping your child healthy. If one of your kids have flu, make sure to wash your hands before tending to the other. Parents can be the ideal means for germ transfer in a household with more than one child.

Humidification Actually Works!

Did you know that low humidity condition is more suitable for flu virus survival? This is said to be the reason why flu spreads more easily in winters as the general humidity in households is low. There are many official studies which state 40-60 percent indoor humidity can kill flu viruses.

That’s it! The simple yet effective ways you can use to protect your child from flu. Flu is a really irritating illness that makes the days as worst as possible. In the case of kids, sore throat and coughing lead to loss of sleep. This leads to them being in a constant state of a bad mood!

As always prevention is much easier than suffering through all these conundrums. Keep your child and yourself safe from flu with our list of handy tips!


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