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How Are You Damaging Your Health?

You’re probably doing this in more ways than one. Nobody is perfect, and we’re all doing something that isn’t right for our bodies at some point in our lives. Even those who are being extra healthy, watching every calorie they eat and restricting their diets, are doing something wrong. Our bodies require balance, which we often do not give it. But the older we get, the more these damaging parts of our lives affect our health. The last thing you want is to be growing up with a million and one things wrong with you. So this is what we’re here to try and stop. There are so many ways in which you can turn your life around to give you a better future, let’s explore some of them.

How Are You Damaging Your Health

Lifestyle Choices

The lifestyle choices we make are one of the main reasons why our health is so bad. Think back to your teenage years. We guarantee you were eating all the wrong foods, possibly drinking too much, and generally not caring about what was going into your bodies. Well, that sort of sticks with us through life. Think about all the lifestyle choices you’re making at the minute. Binge drinking is the main one we want to talk about. It is worse than casual drinking of an evening, even if you might like to think it isn’t. The more alcohol you consume in one sitting, the more your body struggles to process it. We understand that sometimes a nice Friday night up the pub is a little hard to resist, especially after a hard week at work, but try and think about what you’re doing to your body. You’re effectively poisoning it each time you drink alcohol, let alone each time you binge drink.

Your liver struggles to cope, and over time the function will eventually drop. The result of which will be nasty health issues. Another one that people don’t seem to take seriously until it is too late is smoking. We understand that once you’re addicted, it can seem like there is no way out. Well, we’re here to tell you different. The first step is trying to cut down. A popular method at the minute is by using E-cigs. It reduces the number of harmful chemicals passing through your body, whilst still giving you that nicotine hit. You can purchase all you need to get you going through websites such as https://www.ecigwizard.com, The damage that will have already been done to your body can’t be reversed. Cardiovascular function will dramatically reduce due to the tar build up on the lungs. But quitting does prevent is more serious diseases occurring. Smoking has been linked to so many different diseases and deaths for years and years, the earlier you stop, the better off you’re going to be.

Mental Health

Whenever health comes to mind, it is always physical health that everyone seems to jump at. But one of the biggest issues we have in this world at the minute is mental health. More and more people are being diagnosed with stress and depression related mental illnesses. But there are things that we might be doing on a daily basis and can lead to the onset of such issues. For example, overworking ourselves is one of them. We overwork ourselves due to the financial pressures we face.

We’re struggling through a time where the economy isn’t the best, and we’re having to work harder than ever to bring in a decent income. Families are struggling more with this. Overworking and financial pressure inevitably does lead to stress, which for some people is hard to handle. It is important to take time for yourself, and time to relax with your family if you’re going to make things work. Everyone needs an outlet, and it is important to find yours if you want to protect your mental health. For more information on how to protect your mental health, check out this website https://mymind.org.


Diet is one of the main ways in which you could be damaging your health. What we put into our bodies has a bigger effect on us than people realise. We’re so terrible for making what is quick and easy, such as a microwavable meal, or getting a quick take away. Snacking as well is a big issue.

We tend to reach for a chocolate bar rather than a piece of fruit. The result of which is high blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar levels etc. Literally, everything our bodies need to avoid, we’re giving to them. In years to come, this can lead to conditions such as diabetes, heart disease etc. Try and switch to a clean eating diet a few times a week. The fewer sugars and fats you’re eating, the better off you’re going to be. Here’s a diet we know you’ll love to give a go, https://thepaleodiet.com.