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What to Know When Buying a CCTV Camera for your Premises?

If you are trying to secure the premises of your home and office, cameras and sensors are extremely important. Run of the mill cameras often don’t meet expectations because they are not only of low quality but also deliver hazy pictures to the screen.

What to Know When Buying a CCTV Camera for your Premises

Therefore, when you shop for a CCTV camerapay attention to the following factors: 

#1. SD Card or DVR

Before buying the camera, you should ascertain whether the device has an inbuilt SD card, or it is necessary to install the DVR depending on the number of cameras. Due to the advancement in technology, it is now possible to insert an SD card into the camera like a smartphone. In fact, installation of such cameras is quite easy and hassle-free for the users. Cheaper cameras do not have inbuilt storage but rely on DVR to store information.

#2. Tilt is The Name of The Game

Modern cameras can be rotated at different angles to provide crystal clear vision to the users. Irrespective of day and night, the images are beamed with absolute clarity, therefore the chances of intruders getting into the premises are quite low. One of the most important pieces of information about a camera is the maximum angle to which it can be rotated. It is a crucial parameter required to have a panoramic view of the area that is being monitored. You can also purchase cameras that can be automatically rotated with the help of applications.

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#3. Quality of The Picture

If the picture quality of the camera is grainy, it may not be of much help. In such a case, it is important to select the device that belongs to the top brands. Make sure to purchase the stuff belonging to the premium segment. It is bound to go a long way in delivering sterling results. For instance, 1MP camera might be fine for a small home however for better resolution; people must shell out more money.

#4. Motion and Audio Sensor

The next parameter to be considered is the presence of motion sensor inside the camera. Although pricey, they play a very important role in alerting the users about the unusual movement inside the premises. Notifications are sent to a mobile app so that you are aware of any issues and can take necessary action.

#5. Ease of Installation

Installation of a CCTV camera should be easy because the majority of systems are complex, and it’s not an easy task to configure CCTV. Before placing the order, you should read the specifications carefully. It is also important to check the accessories as they help to get a clear vision of the surroundings. For instance, if cameras are to be on a wireless network, it is vital that the manufacturers should provide the switch to accomplish the task. In some cases, people are forced to buy accessories from the third-party sources.

#6. Camera with Microphone

Make sure to purchase the device with an inbuilt microphone as it plays an important role in conducting two-way video calls. They are quite useful in delivering sterling results to the users. It is also important to ascertain whether the cameras will be installed outdoors or indoors. If the CCTV camera is to be installed outdoors, it should be enclosed in a rugged case to protect it from dust and dirt. If the camera is in the kitchen area, make sure to protect it from grease and moisture.