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Making More Space In Your Home: The Possibilities

We could all do with some extra space in our home, wouldn’t you agree? With expanding families or even as children get older, you can find that you can outgrow your lovely home rather quickly.

However, moving house isn’t always an option for some people. You may love the area, be close to the perfect school, or just like the house you are in. If only it was a little bigger, if only there was more space, you may say. However, there are possibilities to making more space in your current home. I wanted to share with you some of the options you could consider.

Making More Space In Your Home The Possibilities

Creating storage solutions in your home

First of all, you may want to look at the current storage in your home. There may be areas in your house that could be put to better use by turning it into a storage solution. For example, under the stairs may have a cupboard or even a dormant space, which could be turned into the ideal storage for school bags, shoes, and coats.

Suppliers of building tools, Bryson, for example, have an excellent range of tools you might need for the job and Pinterest is full of ideas on what you could do or create. There may be other dormant areas in your home that could be put to enter use, making your home tidy and more minimal will make it feel much larger.

Adding a conservatory on to your home

Maybe you physically need the extra space and so one common option is to add a conservatory to your home and make use of the space you might have in your back garden. This may be off living rooms or your kitchen and you could use it for a multiple of uses such as another family room or a dining area. Conservatories don’t need planning permission, and now with a roof that keeps the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter, it is much more usable space than ever before. For some further tips on how to keep your conservatory cool in the summer, check out this guide – https://www.jarrolds.net/how-to-keep-your-conservatory-cool-in-the-summer/

Turning a garage space into an extra family room

These days people don’t tend to drive their car into the garage and instead use it as a sumpong ground of rubbish. However, a garden shed would be more than adequate for some of the things you probably have in your garage, and it could be used to create another family room in your home.

Commonly, people turn their garages into playrooms or even an extra snug or adult living room for the home. Giving you that extra space you need without the expense of an extension. However, you may need to get some form of planning permission in place for this.

Making use of a spare bedroom into a playroom

Finally, if you have a spare room that gets used once a year and then does nothing for the rest of it why not make that room more user-friendly for the family and turn it into a playroom. It’s the ideal way to keep your home free from lots of toys, and if you do need the facility of a spare bed every once in a while a sofa bed could be added.

I hope that this has inspired you to create more space in your existing home.