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8 Essential Wedding Planning Tips for the Groom

Gone are the days when organising an event was just the task of the bride. The erstwhile stereotype of men asking their starry-eyed fiancée just the time when they should arrive and thus shying away from the wedding responsibilities is a thing of the past now.

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Just popping the question and giving the ring does not mean the end of your responsibilities towards your soul mate. There are a host of ways in which gentlemen can and should get involved in their wedding.

Some of these responsibilities include writing the vows, getting the suit fitted and picking the first dance song. But taking part in the major responsibilities of the wedding and giving your partner a feeling that she is not alone in this goes a long way.

Here are some of the essential tips for grooms to get involved in the planning and organisation of the wedding because it is your day too.

  • Figure out the Budget– This is something that you should start a year before the big day. You should sit with your bride and calculate how much both of you can contribute for the occasion. Also, take into account the parental contributions if any. This way you can determine whether you can plan an event for 30-300.
  • Plan the Guest List with the Bride – Apart from providing his own list, the groom is also responsible for finding out whom his parents want to invite too. It is important that they know the addresses and contact information ahead of time, as if they have misplaced some details, they will be able to conduct a free people search online to discover the information and ensure that their invitations are being delivered to the right people before the big day. And don’t forget about the bride! She will have her own guest list too, so be sure to sit down with her and discuss both lists before sending out the invitations or save the date cards.
  • Be a Buffer – The groom should take responsibility of any petty as well as major issues raised by his family. If his mother is driving the bride crazy by calling her at the turn of every hour or his sisters are complaining about the wedding menu or the bridesmaids’ dresses then it is the groom who should talk to them one-on-one and solve the issue.
  • Choose the Groomsmen – This goes without saying that the groom is going to choose his attendants or the groomsmen. But he is not done just doing that. Ensure to invite them, keep them informed about their suit stitches and also notify them of every detail about wedding activities, their duties and schedules. He can ask his best man for help but it is on him to coordinate everything and check off the things that come to his half of the bridal party.
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  • Tracking Down the Missing RSVPs – It’s the responsibility of the groom to track down RSVPs that are missing the guest list of his side and prepare everything from the dinner order to the assigning of tables if necessary. The groom and the bride should each handle their own half of list.
  • Wedding Photography – Another important element of any wedding is choosing the right photographer! There are many wedding photography options out there but be sure to do your research before making your decision.
  • Manage Your Men – Know the friend who gets drunk too often and assign another of your reliable and usually sober friends to take care of him so that mishaps don’t occur on the special days starting from the rehearsal dinners. Also, know the buddy who misplaces his car keys every week. You should not make him responsible for storing your ring. It is not that your gang is forbidden to enjoy your wedding. It is just that they should keep it in mind that they have responsibilities and should live up to them.
  • Plan the Honeymoon – After the hustle and bustle of the big day is done with, you and your soul mate both require some “us time” together. Make it count by choosing your haven that can range from soaring mountains to faraway beaches where both of you can go, relax and cherish.
  • Get Spontaneous and Romantic – On the big day, you can send your bride romantic letters, thoughtful messages, scrumptious chocolates and adorable soft toys that she can look upon as she gets ready. You can also record a heart-warming video for her that she can watch later. This is not something imperative. But your would-be better half will thank and love you for that.

Apart from that, you can also help your bride with selecting the venue, going for the right wedding furniture hire professionals, band hire like wedding bands in London and deciding the menu for the big day. This way she will feel that you have got her back if anything goes wrong. Being by her side and doing your bit of the task will not only make things work better for all of you but also strengthen the bond that you plan to take forward and promise to restore for the rest of your life.

You can also help with the decorations. Elevate the ambiance of your event with a touch of modern sophistication by opting for LED table hire, adding a vibrant and stylish glow to your gatherings and creating a memorable atmosphere for your guests.