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Top 4 Best Methods Used for Carpet Cleaning by Professional Companies

Professional companies like this Tucson maid service make use of a wide range of carpet cleaning methods in order to provide the best service for your needs. Each type of cleaning method is different from the other, but the aim remains to be the same i.e. 100% clean carpets free from dust, allergens, debris, and germs. However, which one of them is appropriate for your carpet? To find the answer to this, you will first need to know about the various cleaning methods, products used, and the type of carpet that best suits them. Ensure your cleaning runs smoothly by scheduling regular maintenance with a reputable grease trap cleaning company.

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Let’s focus on methods: which one should you choose for your carpet

1. Encapsulation 

This is a popular technique that utilizes synthetic detergent on the surface of the carpet that forms crystals when dries. These crystals tend to encapsulate dust and microbes, and so after drying, it can be easily removed by either brushing or vacuuming. This carpet cleaning practice has taken over the industry like rage as its uses less water in comparison to any other form of a method and comes with shorter wait time too.

Plus, most of the companies will rely on environment-friendly detergents that have little or no chemical residue. Even though it happens to be one of the finest methods of cleaning, yet it may not be the best option for getting rid of heavy soil on the carpet.

2. Steam Cleaning 

Professional steam cleaning makes use of hot water above 100 degree Celsius combined with effective machines, allowing the water to reach temperature beyond 160 degree Celsius. In order to understand the efficacy of this carpet cleaning method, you should make a note that every 10 degrees beyond 80 degree Celsius can help in 100% better cleaning. This is the reason why professionals perform this using water above 160 degrees for the best results.

A similar method, hot water extraction, also uses hot water above 100 degree Celsius, but it involves an extra step. Steam cleaning kills germs, breaks stains down and loosens dirt, but it does not remove debris. To remove debris after steam cleaning, you must vacuum the carpet. Hot water extraction, on the other hand, sucks the hot water straight out of the carpet, taking the dirt and debris with it. If you’re looking for carpet cleaning reading or elsewhere, this is likely to be the method used.

3. Bonnet Cleaning 

Similar to that of encapsulation, the bonnet cleaning referred to here as dry cleaning uses self-neutralizing agents. In addition, instead of vacuuming the dirt off the carpet, the bonnet cleaning needs pad drying in which the dirt can be absorbed to perfection. Moreover, this is an exceptional maintenance carpet cleaning method that can be used in commercial properties too.

3. Dry Powder Cleaning

Dry powder cleaning is another common method that is based on an important technique termed as a host system. If you want to learn more, the technique makes uses of natural and soft cleaning products combined with a small portion of detergent and water along with a safe to use solvent. Later, this mixture gets sprinkled uniformly across the surface of the carpet leading to the formation of clumps that appear just like sawdust.

Never be deceived by the appearance of these clumps as these tend to act as microsponges that absorb dirt and these can be removed to reveal the usual surface of the carpet.

4. Rotary Shampoo Cleaning 

The rotary shampoo is based on a strong cleansing agent that gets applied to the carpet and lets dust to suspend. This is then whipped into the fibers of the carpet with the help of a powerful rotating brush. The brush does not alter the quality of the carpet in any way, but facilities the agent to react with trapped particles within the carpet.

Some of the key benefits of carpet cleaning method are:

  • The rotating brushes can be navigated effortlessly
  • The presence of low moisture helps the carpet to dry in no time
  • The technique is fast, inexpensive and simple

Therefore, when you are out there looking for the best method to clean your carpet, don’t forget to consider the top 4 that are mentioned above and make the most of the professional services.