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5 Winter Activities To Do With Your Family

If you’re experiencing the cold weather in the northern hemisphere, you’re probably cooped up inside drinking hot cocoa. But winter doesn’t have to be spent inside waiting for summer! There are so many wonderful activities to enjoy when it’s snowy and cold outside. Embrace or escape the snow with these 5 winter family activities you can check off together.

5 Winter Activities To Do With Your Family

Build a snow fort

Take your snowball fight to a whole new level and build the ultimate snow fort by first choosing a flat piece of snowy land. Use a rectangular shaped plastic container to create the bricks to build the foundation. Make a snow fort, castle, igloo, or whatever you like! Channel your inner architect and make it as big as you can, and maybe even include an attached slide. As long as it doesn’t melt, you can have fun using it the following days too.

5 Winter Activities To Do With Your Family - Snow Fort


Grab your sled, tube, toboggan and hit the slopes. No matter how old you are, sledding is the perfect way to take advantage of a snowy day. You can sled in your own backyard or travel to a nearby park with a big hill. Afterward, warm up with a big mug of hot chocolate!

Building a snowman

Your kids have probably been staring out the frosted window waiting for the first snowfall. Embrace your inner Elsa and build a snowman with the kids. Grab some carrots, sticks, rocks, and create a face. It can be more difficult than you think because of the texture of the snow. You want the perfect packing snow for a sturdy and long-lasting snowman. Work together as a family. Once your kids get good at it, try having a fun competition and have friends or neighbors vote!

I also recently came across a lovely resource that shows how to make a cutter quilt snowman, I recommend you should check it out!

Movie marathon

If you’re experiencing a big snowstorm, chances are you’re spending the entire day stuck inside. Imagine cozying up with big blankets by a crackling fireplace…watching LOTS of movies. It’s the perfect time to spend quality time with the family and binge-watch movies all day long. Set the scene with snacks, make popcorn from scratch and end the day with ice cream sundaes. If you’re in the need for new movie ideas, Pure Flix is a streaming service with clean content which is perfect for families! Find out more here.

5 Winter Activities To Do With Your Family - Movies

Make Chili

If you’re looking to avoid being in the snow or coming back inside to defrost, try making some world-famous chili! If you don’t have a family recipe, find a chili recipe online and make a big pot of it so everyone can go back for seconds. There are so many variations of chili. Whether it’s sweet or spicy, the kids will love it. You can sneak in vegetables without them noticing too for those fussy eaters.

For those who are braving the winter, I hope these ideas inspired some of your own! Check out my piece on 10 outdoor activities to do with your family. Whatever you choose to do, stay warm and have fun with your family!